The Art of Using a Beard Trimmer


Beard trimmers have become indispensable tools for most bearded men by now.

A beard trimmer is specially designed to clean up your beard and keep it elegant and appealing with minimum effort and loads of style. They also enable you to get a closer trim if you want to avoid shaving it all off.

Still, like everything in life, beard trimming is an art – and your beard trimmer is the paintbrush. Below you will discover its basic secrets.

How to Use one Properly

Keep the Trimmer Oiled

Most beard trimmers need to be oiled regularly to function properly. So, unless explicitly stated in the user’s manual you need to make sure that your beard trimmer is oiled up properly.

Oiling is pretty straightforward. The only thing you have to do is toss a few oil drops over the blades and then activate it to make sure that the oil has covered all the surfaces properly.

Now, a few things you need to keep in mind: always use the oil provided by the manufacturer or recommended by them. Usually, a WD40 does the trick. As soon as you have applied the, use a clean cloth to wipe off the excess one.

Before doing the job, brush off from the clippers and blades any hair from previous uses. After applying the oil, activate the trimmer and drop some extra too. Keep it working for less than a minute – 20’’ are usually enough.

Last, carefully wipe the blades down, drying the cutting edges of the blades.

Shaving Tips

Now, let us check a few tips about shaving. Keep in mind the rule: always start long and finish short.

For example, if you have a big beard and wish to trim it down a bit, you’d better start with a number 3 guard comb and go over the entire beard. If your work is a bit and you cannot see any difference in length, then go for a lower guard.

Make sure to shave always against the grain. This way the facial hair will grow out and down. Always point the blades upwards and shave up, against the grain. Put the flat part of the beard comb against the face to ensure the best possible result. Do not forget the neck! It is as important for a good result and the face.

Trimming the Neck

As soon as you have worked a bit with the first guard all your neck and face, and you are satisfied with the length of the beard, start trimming the neck.

Once you’ve gone over your face and neck and have a good length, trim your neck. Obviously, you will have to use a lower guard (1 for example), cut carefully the hair on Adam’s apple, reaching all the way to the jawline. Needless to say, you must continue to shave only upwards. In case you want even shorter trimming, simply take off the guard and shave with the blades of the trimmer.

A nice trick is to leave a couple of inches under the jaw without shaving with the 1 guard. This will allow you to fade the area using a 2 guard.

Next, trim the beard along the neck. Stop right where the jawline and the first wrinkle of the throat are met.

Final Clean up

The mirror is the bearded man’s best friend. Use one to ensure you have shaved evenly all over the face and neck. Check for stray hairs and treat them like an enemy destined to destroy your beard’s looks.

Make sure to shave all over below Adam’s apple with the 0 guard – that is, with just the blades of the trimmer. If you love fades, use a razor to completely shave the area below Adam’s apple.

Prefer Something… Shorter?

Obviously, if you prefer a shorter style, use a lower guard, or none at all.

For example, for the famous “5 o’clock shadow”, just shave all of your face and neck with no guard at all. Try also cleaning up tough spots and areas by shaving with a straight razor after going over it with a beard trimmer.

If you want to keep the bottom of the moustache clean and have no hair around or in your mouth, just use the blades of the trimmer – that is, with no guard at all. The best way to do that is to smile with the mouth closed and trim the hair of the upper lip. Make sure to form an even line and avoid slips, because they could ruin all your previous good work.

How to Cleaning Up and Maintain the Beard Trimmer

Like any other tool or appliance, beard trimmers require proper maintenance and regular cleaning up to perform adequately.

It does not demand much time or effort. Simply remove the used guards and put them in the sink. Next, rinse them thoroughly with soap and plenty of water to remove hair and possible dirt.

As soon as you are done with the guards, take the brush of your beard trimmer (all of them come with one with their kit). Remove the clipper head from the handle, then brush away any hair.

Blades are easy to take off. Just push it up with your thumb, and a popping noise will denote that the blades are removed. Next, just pull it off of the handle. Using a cotton swab, clean carefully between the blade grooves, and then reset the blade head on the clipper. Activate the trimmer for several seconds to make sure that all loose hair is shaken off.

Under no circumstance should you rinse the trimmer itself, unless it is waterproof and it is clearly stated in the manual that can do so.

Last but not least, do not forget the oiling we have mentioned in the beginning.

Treat your beard trimmer well, and rest assured it will return the favour, keeping your beard in excellent shape and your face elegant and respectable at all times.


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