GLASSY Morrison Premium Plus Blue Light Blocking Glasses with Anti Reflective Coating

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Product Description

Vince and Mikemo 2011 Simi valley, CA
Vince and Mikemo 2011 Simi valley, CA

Glassy Eyewear, Since 2011.

Founded by Vince and Mikemo Capaldi, with origins in Simi Valley, California, we like to think we know a thing or two about crafting a quality pair of eyewear. At Glassy, we’ve devoted ourselves to the pursuit of the best sunglasses and gaming glasses for the discerning consumer – glasses for the shopper who wants the look and feel of designer glasses.

Whether you’re planning on going outside to skateboard, go to the beach, go on a hike, drive in your car – Or want to stay inside all day and watch movies and play video games, Glassy has got you covered with our Polarized Sunglasses are Blue Light Filtering Gaming Glasses.


Block blue light with Glassy Gaming Glasses

Blue light has the shortest wavelength with the highest amount of energy compared to any other color in the visible light spectrum. The human eye has evolved to block out every other color besides blue light, which can cause headaches, eyestrain, eye fatigue, and disrupted sleep cycles. This is why it’s important to find a pair of glasses that is able to filter out the high energy blue light from 400-465mn on the visible light spectrum. At Glassy, we have achieved this goal by providing a high-quality polycarbonate lens with a blue light filter on both the front and backside of the lens to block the maximum amount of blue light.

blue light
blue light

Devices that emit blue light

Gaming monitors


Benefits of blocking blue light

Reduce headaches – Do you ever get headaches while looking at your digital devices for long periods of time? Research has suggested that blue light can affect the neural pathway from the eyes to the brain and can negatively affect headache symptoms.
Reduce eyestrain and fatigue – Have you ever been gaming or working all day and you finally look away from your monitor and realize your eyes are strained and blurry? Glassy blue light blocking glasses have shown to help reduce these symptoms.
Help sleep cycles – Exposure to blue light before bed has a negative effect on your circadian rhythm. Blue light has the ability to block the amount of melatonin your body produces, which is necessary for your body to have a full night of rest.

lens comparison
lens comparison

Quality Materials

Anti-reflective coating – AR coating eliminates unwanted reflections to provide sharper clarity by allowing more light to pass through the lens instead of bouncing off the surface.
Polycarbonate lenses – The most impact-resistant lens material on the market and up to 10x stronger than standard lenses.
CR39 lenses (Plus add-on) – Our “Plus” gaming glasses come with CR39 lenses to provide the best clarity with the sharpest image possible.

100% UV protected – Glassy’s UV protected coating will block 100% UVA and UVB light.

The Morrison Premium Blue Light Computer Glasses feature a trendy half rim frame and sturdy metal spring hinges. When you purchase a pair of Gamer Glasses from Glassy, you’ll receive your glasses in microfiber cloth carrying bag and box. lens
Crafted to enhance depth perception, while protecting your eyes from damaging blue light – our premium gamer glasses are 100% UV protected and impact resistant.
Lens width: 50-21-140 millimeters


GLASSY Morrison Premium Plus Blue Light Blocking Glasses with Anti Reflective Coating
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