Microwave ovens – how to find the best for your needs!


Most of us, think that microwave ovens are perfect for reheating an already prepared meal. But you will be surprised to see how many different things you can do with a microwave oven!

A solo microwave model is ok for heating and defrosting prepared food. Though, there are combination models that offer a big range of functions. They have a unified grill and they also have a convention mode. Both functions could replenish a customary oven.

You have to think about many things before buying a microwave oven. This article will help you decide and choose to buy the best microwave oven that suits your needs.

Solo microwaves

When it comes to solo microwaves, keep in mind that high price does not mean high quality.  Solo microwaves are number one for simple tasks, like heating and defrosting prepared food. Another advantage is that they are smaller compared to combination microwaves, which means more space in your kitchen. They are very simple to use, but because of that, they can’t crisp or brown your meal like a customary oven.

Combination microwaves

On the other hand, combination microwave ovens have many different functions, they are more complicated compared to solo microwaves and they can be used as a customary oven. They have a unified grill that allows you to cook, crisp or brown your meal. The result is wonderful! The appearance and texture of your meal are as good as they would be if you had cooked it in a regular oven. You have to be careful though because the microwave grill is not as powerful as the one of a common grill. That means that if you cook your meal longer than you should, it will become dry. If the model is very advanced, apart from baking and roasting, you can also steam or make yoghurt!

How to find the best microwave oven?

It might seem simple, but when you have to buy a microwave oven, you have to keep in mind the basic features, to choose the right one for you.


This commonly differs from about 16L to over 31L. For bigger families, search for at least 26L.  For family use, the width must be at least 28cm and the internal height more than 18cm, to domicile bigger plates and larger chunks.


When it comes to deciding about the size of your microwave oven, think about how much space do you have in your kitchen. Microwave ovens have a big range of sizes, so it’s up to you to choose which one suits your needs.  Consider the size of the microwave door. A quite big door will help you remove hot and heavy dishes very easy.

Steam engine

Microwave ovens need to have a steam engine for satisfactory ventilation.  This characteristic is crucial, especially for combination microwaves. When the dual application is used, a lot of air is ejected and that’s the reason why a steam engine is necessary.

Energy – Power

Most microwave ovens have a wattage range between 650W and 1950W. Keep in mind that if the wattage is high, the cooking time is reduced. So, if you pick a microwave oven around 1800W you will have excellent results in reducing cooking time. The best thing to do though is to choose a model with power flexibility.

Warming levels

The warming level has an impact on the wattage. You can decide from the beginning which heating level you wish and have the perfect result. As the temperature increases the food is cooked faster.

Turntable or flatbed

A turntable is necessary for solo microwaves and combination microwaves, ensuring even cooking. The turntable significantly swivels food and helps a lot during cooking. It can be easily removed every time you want to clean it.

Flatbed microwave ovens use distinct machinery that smoothly spreads heat without the need for a turntable and that offers you extra cooking latitude. They are more expensive compared to microwaves with a turntable, but they are easier to clean.

Vital aspects of each microwave oven

Pre-scheduled settings

Microwave ovens with self-regulating cooking settings help a lot with the preparation of your meals. You don’t have to guess which program is appropriate for your meal. That means safe cooking. It’s also useful to choose a microwave oven that offers an auto-defrost setting. It will save you time and energy!

Multiple-step scheduling

This characteristic permits you to program various types of cooking in a spectrum. For example, if you have to defrost your meal, and then cook it, you just have to set up the exact setting of your microwave oven.

Sensor cooking

This application tracks the oven’s steaminess and the degree of condensation in food then modifies the power levels and cooking time appropriately. That’s very important because every meal will be just right! It won’t dry out.

Contact panel

Many microwave ovens have digital contact panels that are easier to read and clean than buttons or switches.

Children latch mode

A latch mode for children on a microwave oven is vital in order to protect your children from danger. An adult has to press a sequence of buttons to make the microwave oven start working.

Power safe mode

Some microwave ovens have a power safe mode to reduce the measure of power they use. That feature allows the microwave oven to be very economical in energy consumption.

How can you clean them?

Microwave ovens easily get messed up and need constant cleaning. Here are some useful tips that will help you make everyday cleaning pleasant!

You can clean your microwave oven by using some lemon juice or vinegar in a bowl of water. Be careful in the amount of water, it must fill half of the bowl, because we don’t want to spill it while heating it in the microwave oven.  Then put the bowl in the microwave and heat it until the water boils, and the window steams up. Let it cool down for approximately 16 minutes before you open the door. The last step is to wipe the microwave oven with kitchen paper, and then clean the buttons, the dials and the surface on the top of the microwave.

You should also clean the turntable regularly. You can use the dishwasher if you like, but take notice of the specific instructions written on the manual of the microwave model. Don’t forget to clean the window by using some water with vinegar and dry it for a perfect result!


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