How to Keep an Office Printer in Excellent Shape


Office Printers Need Some Warming Up

Every time you close the office for the weekend, the office printer rests a bit. It falls into sleep mode, which actually is aptly named since it resembles our sleep quite a lot.Office Printer

So, as we need some time and process to rise properly from our beds, so does the office printer. When it is reactivated and out of the sleep mode, it undergoes a calibration, which involves, among several other things, some warming up of its drum – an absolutely necessary step for proper printing.

The problem is that, sometimes, we rush into the office Monday morning and want to print or copy something immediately, rushing the printer into work. Give it some time to warm up and avoid pushing the button over and over again. It will not work faster and you can only damage it.

If your office printer has not functioned for several weeks, the best thing to do is to print a test page.

By warming up your office printer you ensure its proper and efficient function.

Avoid Overloading the Paper Tray

You may think that by putting as much paper on the paper tray you save time and effort, which may very well be true. But in the long run, you only damage your machine.

By overloading the paper tray, you will eventually cause damage to the feeder by incessant jamming.

Usually, paper trays come with fill level lines that can serve as guides. Use them to ensure that the paper is tightly packed and without wrinkles. If you print so much paper on a daily basis that refilling the paper tray gets tiring, then you should properly get a bigger paper tray, or a new office printer altogether.

Paper Jamming Requires Caution

Sure, we understand. Paper jams are amazingly irritating, but hitting the printer will not solve the problem. It will make it come back with a vengeance.

The first thing you need to do is count to 10 to alleviate your frustration. Then try the following: check the printer’s display to see the source of the jam. If it is in a very sensitive part of the machine, better unplug the printer, to make sure it has no electricity when you open it.

When you do, make sure to touch as little of the printer’s interior as possible. Remember to be delicate. Office printers are rather sensitive devices.

Cleaning is of the Essence

One of the best ways to ruin your office printer is to never clean it. Dirt and debris accumulating in certain parts of the office printer will eventually cause damage.

Once in a while, the bypass, glass surface and exit trays must be cleaned thoroughly. Check the manual for information on when and how.

Cleaning the exterior is equally important too, cause if you don’t, it will eventually find its way inside the machine.

Lines are Bad Signs

Every time the office printer leaves lines or dots across the page that are not meant to be there, it is trying to tell you something. It is like pain in the body, informing you that something does not work properly.

It could be something trivial, like spots on the printer’s glass – which is easily resolved with some cleaning with alcohol-free glass cleaner and a cloth.

Another possibility is that a paper jam caused some toner residue to accumulate inside the printer. This problem is usually resolved with several blank copies. If that proves unsuccessful, you must seek professional help – especially if the problem is with the roller. Don’t try to be a know-it-all and fix it by yourself. If none of these tips (or others mentioned in the printer’s manual) work, then ask for a technician to help you.

The Importance of Picking the Right Toner

Manuals are meant to be read and taken seriously into consideration. Sure, many manufacturers demand the use of their (often overpriced) toners and pose them as the only suitable for the machine to work properly; and yes, you have every right to explore other options, but you need to make sure that pick the right toner for your office printer. Otherwise, you will surely damage it.

Often enough, counterfeit toners are considerably cheaper, but also cut the printer’s life cycle to half (or worse). Sometimes, they are dysfunctional right from the start, leaking or having other issues.

There is no doubt that buying exclusively official toners from the manufacturer will ensure the printer’s optimal performance. Since we mention it, make the most of your purchase agreement, or of possible offers. Many printer retailers may be willing to include some offers about printing supplies to good returning customers.

If, on the other hand, the cost of authentic printers is so overwhelming, then make sure to ask a technician to recommend a reliable brand for office supplies, to minimise the risk of damaging your office printer.

Mind the Platen Surface

When you copy documents and the office printer has an automatic feed, do make sure to take out any paperclips and staples in advance! A mishap in this regard could seriously damage the printer’s glass and make it impossible to get clear copies ever since.

Train Other Users

Office printers are not what they used to be, that is for sure. They are fairly easy to use, but are more complicated than older models, with many more features and capabilities that can be overwhelming for some that are not well versed with modern technology.

Hence, it is imperative to train your staff properly, to ensure that they will use the printer as they should be.

Regular Maintenance

You saw that coming, didn’t you? You probably expected it higher in the list too.

And rightly so. Regular and proper maintenance is of the utmost importance for all machines, and office printers are no exception. So, be diligent and make sure to comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations and tips. You will save money and trouble and ensure optimal performance for many years.

Picking the Right Model

Last but not least, an office printer will work properly only if it is used for what it was designed to do. If you over-work it, it will fail you. If the workload causes problems to your office printer, then you should consider picking another model, more suitable for your needs.


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