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Since you are keen on purchasing a gaming chair and you are obviously at a loss where to start your research, you are at the right place.

There is no need to panic. Just take a gander below and you will find all you need make a knowledgeable pick and get a gaming chair that will surely suit your needs and wants.

What is a gaming chair? A gaming chair is a specially designed chair, tailored to the particular needs of ardent gamers, who spend a lot of hours sitting in front of their screens. Gaming char manufacturers take into account the way most gamers tend to sit, move, and twist, as well as their average weight, height and gaming needs.

Still, you should not make the mistake to believe that only gamers use gaming chairs. Anyone that spends a lot of hours working in front of a PC or a laptop can benefit a lot from their design, features and comfort, and thus increase his or her productivity.

Also, people working from home (not necessarily in front of a computer) and are obliged to stay seated for many hours can also find a gaming chair much more refreshing and rejuvenating for their spine, especially if they suffer from backaches or have mobility issues and need extra lumbar support.

Gaming chairs first came to be a distinctive category of chairs as part of arcade car racing simulators. As a result, they tended to imitate the features of sports car seats: high straight backs, thick upholstery etc.

Ever since gaming chairs have developed and their market grew considerably. Consequently, nowadays there are several types of gaming chairs, each designed to cater to the more specialized needs of specific kinds of gamers.

Hence, we arrive at the central part of this article. The types of gaming chairs and their features and characteristics. There are actually 4 main types of gaming chairs. Many think there are more, but the rest are actually sub-types, not wholly different categories.

The four main types of gaming chairs:

  • PC Gaming Chairs
  • Console Gaming Chairs
  • Racing Simulator Seats
  • Bean Bag Chairs

You probably have by now some notion of which type best serves your needs, but it is possible to think that just because you are not really familiar with the features of the other three. S, best be certain than sorry and ensure which type caters better to your individual needs and wants.

  1. PC Gaming Chairs

Let’ start with the PC gaming chairs, which is by far the most well-known and popular model of the four.

PC gaming chairs are meant to stand behind offices and desks. Hence, they are a great pick if you tend to enjoy your games on a PC, or wish to get a chair that will also serve you during your work.

PC gaming chairs feature a mobile 5-star wheeled base, upon which stands a pedestal seat. In addition, they typically come with swivel capabilities, thus enabling the user to move around freely across the office. They usually have high armrests to provide wrist support while using the mouse and keyboard, as well as a high back support for your neck. Comfort, especially for the neck and back are always a priority for all types of PC gaming chairs.

PC gaming chairs are usually set in an upright position, but the majority of them by now are able to tilt backwards and then lock in different reclined positions.

Puzzlingly, PC gaming chairs are occasionally known and referred to as racing chairs, for obvious reasons. Nonetheless, contemporary PC gaming chairs are quite different from racing simulator seats.

  1. Console Gaming Chairs

As the name suggests, console gaming chairs are adapted to the special needs of console gamers. This means that they are considerably more versatile than the previous type and boast a much greater range of shapes and sizes.

The most widely used type of console gaming chair is, of course, the famous ‘Rocker’. It took its name from the backrest, which usually has the ability to rock back and forth. Contrary to PC gaming chairs, the Rocker comes with no pedestal seats and wheels. In their place, they have L-shaped seats standing firmly on the floor.

To be sure, console gaming chairs are not as ergonomic as PC gaming chairs and are certainly not designed to be used in front of a desk. Still, many find them considerably more comfortable for consoles, because they allow a more ‘laid-back’ posture for gamers that use controller pads.

In addition, they frequently feature extra features that allow them to integrate more with the gaming console, like charging USB ports and surround sound speakers.

  1. Racer Simulator Seats

No, Racing simulator seats are not the same as PC gaming chairs – as we have already mentioned. They are much more advanced and sophisticated gaming chairs, designed to replicate as best as possible the thrill of a car race.

Racing simulator seats are usually attached to a cockpit or frame on which it is not possible to install other racing game accessories, such as gear sticks, pedals, or another wheel.

Certain racer simulator seats are better picks for casual gamers, while other, far more advanced models are suitable even for professional drivers who wish to train on simulators. Of course, such top-notch quality does not come cheap.

  1. Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs are big sacks generally filled with even foam or beds. The upholstery is usually suede or some sort of microfiber.

Bean Bag chairs are not designed specifically for gaming, but they are very popular among ardent gamers, because of their exquisite softness and comfort.

T be sure, Bean Bag chairs do not boast to be ergonomic or extremely supportive, but they can accommodate a vast range of postures and positions. The biggest ones enable the user to lay out flat and still have plenty of room at his or her disposal. If gaming is not your primary goal, you should definitely consider them as an option.


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