9 Tips on How to Keep your Office Desk Perfectly Organised


You just got your new office desk and you already have to make the most of it. And let’s be frank: desk organisation is not exactly a breeze, especially for people who do office jobs.

Stacked papers, newspapers, contracts and spreadsheets all over the desk, combined with files and dossiers make even the largest desks seem too small for our needs.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with the size of our desk. The key is organisation. And below, and below we have gathered for you 9 organization tips that will keep your new office desk in excellent order regardless of your workload.

Ready to start? Let’s do it!

  1. Keep the Screen Centre-Stage

If you do most of your work on your computer, then keep it exactly in front of you. Do not make the mistake to put it sideways just for style reasons or because it looks nicer. Keeping the screen right in front of you will help you remained focused and thus be more productive.

To ensure that this position is comfortable too, place the screen in a way that forces your body to remain up straight. Also, keep it at around 1.5 feet away from your face.

As for the cords, keep them behind the office desk and use wire ties to keep them organised and avoid getting tangled to your feet or with other appliances.

  1. “It is My… Right Hand!”

This one is simple. Keep anything you use often close to your dominant hand. Is it the phone, your pen, your agenda or a certain dictionary or book? Keep right by your dominant hand. The easier you reach it, the fewer things you have to move around in your office desk, the less mess you create, the faster you work, the more productive – and happy – you are!

What more could you ask for?

In addition, make sure to make the most of your wall space, especially if you opted for a small office desk. Shelves and desk trays are excellent ways to maximise your office space.

  1. Keep the Essentials and Ditch the Rest

Have you seen desks with cups full of pens and pencils? How many of them do you think the person will use throughout the day?

The answer? Usually, no more than one!

The lesson? We often cram our office desk with things we don’t actually need – at least not every day. So, make more space for yourself and keep your desk organised by keeping only the essentials on your office desk!

One pen, a few paperclips, your keyboard, a small notebook etc. All the rest, just place them on shelves or cupboards and take them only when you actually need them.

The trap here is often our desire to make our office desk look pretty. Hence, we fill it up with all sorts of unnecessary objects with a minimum practical value that may look nice – but they actually make our life a lot harder.

  1. Grouping is the Key

This one is one of the greatest and most effective tips for proper desk office organisation. Keep all your staff grouped together.

All pens in one place, all files and papers in another and so forth. You don’t have to overdo it. Remember, you want to make your life easier. The groups need not be too particular. For example, keep in a single drawer all your office supplies. There is no problem keeping in the same drawer your scissors and sticky noted, your push pins with staples. The key lies in knowing instantly where to find everything something when you need it.

So, create your own groups and put everything where it belongs.

  1. Limit the Sticky Notes

Are you the type of person that has his or her whole working space surrounded by sticky notes? Take a moment and evaluate their content. Are they indeed all of them so important that they have to be lying around your face like that?

Sticky notes actually do their job when they are just a few around us. If they encircle us like an army of foes, they do not attract attention and fail their purpose.

So, limit their use to just what is urgent and necessary for the day or next few hours! For everything else, use your agenda.

If you speak on the phone and need to write something down quickly, use a sticky note and then pass it on to your agenda or another organisation platform as soon as you close the phone. And then of course get rid of the sticky note. This way, you will not have them cluttered all around your office desk.

  1. Your Office Desk is not an Album…

Ok, it is nothing wrong to have a photo of your spouse or cat on your desk, but remember that your office desk is part of your professional gear, a tool to do your job – not an album.

So, keep all those personal memorabilia in check and return most of the home where they belong, or to your social media feed and home albums. Keep your office desk for your work, and you will see that it will boost your productivity and alleviate your stress.

  1. Create an Open Desk Zone

Create an open desk zone around your desktop screen. Keep it free of papers, pens and anything else. Any note of great urgency or importance can be placed temporarily there.

This way, it will be easier to check your papers and notes instantly, without having to look anywhere else. Still, it is very important to continually clean this space up, and thus ensure it serves its purpose.

  1. Stick to What is Relevant and Urgent

This is a somehow recurring piece of advice, but it is the cornerstone of efficient office desk organisation. Keep on your desk only papers and documents that are relevant and urgent.

Assess anything lying around and put everything where it belongs. Soon enough you will discover that most of them belonged to the dust bin.

  1. Use Colour to Make your Life Easier

A great step for a more efficient organisation is to use colour for your filing system. Group your files based on the theme and categorise them into different sections with coloured file holders, file organizers, and sorters.

Use your favourite colour for the category your use more often, your second favourite for the second more frequent and so forth; for example, red for sales, blue for marketing etc. Make sure that the colours you use are quite distinct from each other, to avoid mistakes and make your life easier.

That’s it!


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