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Best Suitcase Sets right now!


Usually, we prefer to carry all bags and cases included in our best luggage sets – and for good reason. Purchasing a handy and durable set is far more convenient than having to buy separate suitcases and carry – on bags.

The problem is how to choose the one that suits us best.

With such a vast range of bags and sets – all sorts of styles, colors, materials, sizes and, of course, prices – our mind can get dizzy in our effort to choose the one that will meet our needs and taste.

Most sets include 2 to 6 items, ranging from small carry – on bags to large hard-shelled super-sized suitcases and, usually, you can buy them separately or in a set (which generally is more preferable).

Now that you know what to look for, let’s take a look at some of the most popular choices for 2020

4pcs Trolley Set Travel Suitcase Baggage Luggage Vanity Bag Soft Shell Wheeled Holdall Lightweight Cabin Case

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General Description  

Let’s start with one of the most affordable set. The 4pieces Trolley Set Travel by Deuba GmbH & Co. KG is high-quality suitcase set, for its price, and includes 2 large travel suitcases featuring a handy trolley function, 1 shoulder bag with handles and adjustable shoulder strap and 1 cosmetics bag.

The set is made from polyester and is the cheapest of the soft materials used for suitcases and bags. There are several qualities of polyester bags and this set is a high one – thick and quite durable, but still polyester.

One of the most interesting features of the set is that all pieces are easily stored inside each other. The integrated inner lining, the cross packing straps and the all-round zippers make sure your clothes and personal belongings are both protected and remain nicely arranged.

  1. The 60 litres Trolley has a sturdy and stable form and is equipped with the usual telescopic handle at the top. It has 2 outer pockets, across packing strap for the crease free transport of your clothing and a net pocket.
  2. The 34 litres trolley is also equipped with a handy telescopic handle at the top and also has the same pair of outer pockets.
  3. The 16 litres shoulder bag comes with the usual carrier handle and the shoulder strap, 1 attached outer pocket, a cross packing strap and, of course a net pocket, and the cosmetics bag has a storage capacity of 3 litres.


  • All 4 pieces can be attached, stored or stuck to each other.
  • The wheels are stable (for such a price) and the zippers durable enough.
  • Corners are extra protected.
  • They are quite light for the space they provide.


  • The polyester fabric has limited support and if stressed with too much weight is can fail.
  • If it is ample space you want, then it won’t meet your expectations.

FERGÉ luggage set 3 piece carry-on

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General Description


Described by many as “perfect and convenient travel companion”, this 3 suitcase hard – top cases set is equipped with 4 wheels capable of rotating 360o and comes in a charming bronze – metallic colour and a sophisticated French design.


This 3 piece suitcase set includes one 28″ suitcase (130 litres), one 24″ suitcase (85 litres) for checking in, and one 20″ cabin luggage (45 litres) that can be carried into the plane.



FERGÉ has committed itself to use exclusively manmade and environment-friendly materials, without sacrificing quality.

This particular set is made of polycarbonate, an excellent hard case luggage material that combines durability and relatively small weight. At the same time, its impact resistance is remarkable: it is designed to flex upon impact and return to its original shape, and by default constructed for rough handling.

Inner compartments are designed for easy and organised packing, while dividers and straps make sure everything remains in place.

The lockable trolley system facilitates speedy transport, while the 2 two larger suitcases are equipped with 2 handles (on top and on the side), making lifting and carrying much easier.

The set features a 2 – step telescope handle that can easily adjust to your needs. They can also be easily stored into each other when you return from your journey. The reliable secure combination lock will protect your belonging from any foul intentions.

The wheels deserve more attention: except for them being multi-directional, they are very efficient and unexpectedly silent, no matter the weight they carry. So, you’ve got a set that uniquely blends excellent quality, durability, charming design and lightweight.


  • Suitable for all kind of travels.
  • Telescope handle that adjusts easily.
  • It has plenty of space and is storage-friendly.
  • Its multidirectional wheels and lightweight, which makes travelling easier than ever.


  • Some customers have complained about flaws in the locking mechanisms – so it is a chance you will need to buy an extra padlock.
  • The surface is easily scratched.
  • The inner lining is not of equal quality with the rest if the suitcase.

Beibye 2060 Travel Suitcase Hard-Shell Trolley Suitcase Set

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General Description

This handy 4 pieces BEIBYE baggage set includes:

1 extra large (outer dimensions 75 x 50 x 29 cm) hard – case travel case, weighing around 4.80 kgs and featuring a 115 litres storage capacity.

1 large (outer dimensions around 66 x 43 x 26 cm) hard – case travel case, weighing approximately 4.20 kgs and with a storage capacity of around 70 litres.

1 medium (outer dimensions 56 x 36 x 23 cm) hard – case travel case, weighing around 3.20 kgs and a storing capacity of 45 litres.

1 Vanity Case, with outer dimensions 33 x 32 x 17 cm, weighing no more than 0.8 kg and a volume of 10 litres.

Made from flexible Polycarbonate – ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), this mix hard – shell case set features an integrated combination lock that won’t fail nor give you any trouble. It’s practical 4 large double – castor and multi-directional wheels makes transport significantly easier. In addition, their storage – friendly design allows all cases to be stored inside one another.

Inner compartments are practically divided by separating plates that will keep your personal belongings in order, no matter how long your journey will be.


  • Flexible, durable construction.
  • All cases can be stored inside one another, saving you space.
  • Multidirectional double wheels.
  • A reliable combination lock.
  • Handy double handles.
  • Lovely design.


We couldn’t find any – for this price.

Aerolite Super Lightweight 8 Wheel Spinner Luggage Suitcase Travel Trolley Cases

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General Description

This excellent suitcase set is designed with the ardent traveler in mind. But first things first. The set includes:

  • One 21″ travel case, with outer dimensions 55 x 35.5 x 20 cm and weighing 1.85kg. Its storage capacity reaches 33 litres.
  • One 26″ travel case, with outer dimensions 72 x 42 x 26 cm and weighing 2.35 kgs. Its storage capacity reaches 68 litres.
  • One 29″ travel case, with outer dimensions 81 x 48 x 30 cm and weighing 2.95 kgs. Its storage capacity is almost 105 litres.

Aerolite’s most precious goal is to find the perfect combination of lightweight and durable design. It’s Super Lightweight 4 Wheel Spinner hasn’t failed the company’s vision and its customers’ expectations.

Let’s be a little more specific. Each case’s outer casing is made from hard wearing 600 Denier rip -resistant polyester, designed to protect your belongings against the usual adversities of frequent travelling.

4 high – mileage spinner wheels provide a fully multidirectional moving ability. Furthermore, the double – tube retractable trolley grip handle (activated through a push button) offers you an almost effortless transportation, as well as the ability to stabilise anything you might want to place on top.

The cases include one large lower front pocket, designed for storing personal items and accessories. The equally practical top pocket is just ideal for smaller items, including travelling papers and tickets.

As for the interior, special straps and the branded lining equipped with robust zips keep your belongings on spot. The 3 – digit combination number padlock offers extra security.

Still wavering? Then the unrivalled 10-year guarantee for all soft shell cases should put your mind at rest.


  • the perfect size for air travelling, since the maximum travel allowance is 23 kgs for international travel and just 20 kgs for European countries.
  • Made of remarkably lightweight and hard – wearing rip – resistant 600 Jacquard polyester.
  • One spacious front – zip pocket and a smaller top pocket, providing easy access to whatever you might need during the journey.
  • A reliable 3 – digit combination lock.
  • Practical packing straps.
  • The telescopic handle and wheels ensure manoeuvrability.


  • Some customers have complained that when the travel cases are packed with almost 80% of their load capacity, wheels don’t operate as smoothly as it should, hindering transportation.
  • Others have pointed out that the material the wheels are made of wears easily in hot environments.

5) HAUPTSTADTKOFFER – Set of 3 Hard-Side Suitcases


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General Description

The “Alex” set from Hauptstadtkoffer is designated as the “colorful traveling companion!” Among its numerous exceptional characteristics is its stylish and innovative colour design, which, according to the company, “makes the annoying search for luggage on the baggage carousel a thing of the past.” And they are probably right.

The Hauptstadtkoffer “ALEX” set has justifiably earned numerous ardent supporters, for its excellent quality and rare price/performance ratio, while its design integrates all the features of a modern suitcase.

More specifically, this 3 – piece hard – side suitcase includes:

  • 1 cabin luggage, with outer dimensions of 55 x 35 x 20 cm (+ 4cm) and a capacity of 42 litres.
  • 1 suitcase, with outer dimensions of 65 x 41 x 26 cm (+ 4cm) and a capacity of 74 litres.
  • 1 suitcase, with outer dimensions of 75 x 50 x 30 cm (+ 4cm) and a capacity of 119 litres.

The suitcases are made from extremely durable Polycarbonate strengthened enhanced with ABS and feature a hard – side glossy surface. All items are equipped with 4 multidirectional smooth and silent 360° wheels that facilitate transportation. All items can be easily stored one inside the other.

Robust zippers seal the contents and the traditional but stronger than usual telescope handle, capable of reeling out no less than 54 cm and made of anodized aluminum, features an ergonomic grip.

Last but not least, its 20cm depth, the set’s cabin suitcase is ideal for all airlines – or almost all.


  • 4 wheels with rotating ability of 360° and simply incapable of making any sound.
  • It can expand up to 4 cm, providing extra packing space and 15% more volume.
  • Practical handles on the top and side for easy carrying and lifting.
  • Functional elastic cross ribbons to secure the packed clothes.
  • A full – lined interior.
  • A flexible divider pad with separate mesh pocket.


  • Some customers have complained about the lock mechanisms not being too functional or durable. You will probably need to buy extra padlocks.
Best Luggage Set in the UK

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General Description

The “Xberg” set, again by Hauptstadtkoffer, is a very successful attempt of trying to combine high – quality components, large volume of packing and a simple and elegant design.

This 3 – piece hard – side suitcase set includes:

One cabin bag, whose outer dimensions are 55 x 35 x 24 cm and capacity almost 42 litres.

One suitcase, with outer dimensions of 65 x 44 x 28 cm (+ 6 cm), and an overall capacity of 90 litres.

One suitcase, with outer dimensions of 75 x 50 x 30 cm (+ 6 cm), and an overall capacity of 128 litres.

The first thing we should mention for this wonderful set is its construction material: hard shell casing made from polycarbonate / ABS, designed to protect the interior from any impacts and adversities that might occur during your journeys.

Its modern design has integrated several handy features, including an external front compartment which provides quick access to your laptop, personal items or your documents.
In addition, the suitcases can expand up to 6 cm (apart from the cabin bag of course) and provides you additional packing space (15% more volume), which is always great when you travel abroad.

The interior is fully lined and is equipped with functional elastic cross ribbons that preserve your packed clothes on spot and secure your personal items. The flexible divider pad with its separate mesh pocket helps a lot with your packing.

The adjustable telescope wheel handle with its ergonomic grip is made from anodized aluminum and makes handling easier than ever before. The locking mechanism (with resettable code) has proven both functional and durable and can be opened and locked again only by airport security. Its rectangular shape provides for more space than usually from suitcases of similar size and volume.

Finally, special attention has been given to the Cabin luggage: its depth barely reaches 24 cm, making it a perfect companion for almost any airline.


  • 4 multidirectional smooth and silent 360° double wheels.
  • TSA approved lock mechanism that does not require the use of a key – something important for all those who plan on traveling to USA.
  • Very strong and durable material of strengthened polycarbonate.
  • It can expand and provide more space in the interior.
  • They can be stored one into another.


We haven’t found anything specific in this price.

7) Rigid Trolley – Set of 3 Suitcases with Safety System

Todeco - Set of Suitcases, Travel Luggages

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General Description

In case you found all the options above interesting but kind of pricey, check the 8th option in our list: a Set of 3 Red Trolley Suitcases, with an integrated Safety System.

Designed to make your business trips and family holidays as joyous and successful as possible, this set of 3 rigid suitcases promises to safely contain and protect your clothes and personal items, mainly because the manufacturer laid emphasis in creating an economical and well -organized interior.

Let’s take a look to some key features and basic characteristics:

  • Average Price: £56.00
  • General size: 20 x 24 x 28 cm
    Dimension of the small (20 in) suitcase: 545 x 345 x 230 mm
    Dimension of the medium (24 in) suitcase: 645 x 410 x 270 mm
    Dimension of the large (28 in) suitcase: 755 x 472 x 300 mm
  • Construction Material: polycarbonate and ABS
  • A sturdy telescopic handle
  • Safety: Code Safety System
  • Basic Colour: Red
  • Weight
    Small: 3 kg
    Medium: 3.5 kg
    Large: 4.5 kg

The least you should expect from this set is that it will help you organize your things. Equipped with ABS casters for easier handling, it makes packing faster, while the 3 different sizes – small, medium and maxi – give you the chance to pick either the absolute essentials for a quick and economical travel abroad or half your wardrobe for your family vacations.

The suitcases’ multidirectional wheels facilitate movement and their construction seems sturdy and durable enough. Another positive feature is each suitcase’s weight, which is relatively small for a solid, ultra – resistant polycarbonate material. The designer’s ambitious aim, to make this set a good example of economic practicality, performance and ergonomics, is, surprisingly, fulfilled.

Some customers have complained about the locks – they found that after some rough handling failed. The interior stitching could use some strengthening, but there should be some elements and features justifying the low price of the set.


  • Sturdy casing
  • Light for their size and material
  • handy wheels
  • low price



  • Possible problems with the locks and interior stitching.

Buyer’s Guide

Main Types of Baggage Sets

First of all, remember that luggage sets are actually made for people that travel quite frequently, for their design offers a great number of packing options in several different sizes. In the meantime, the matching colour and design add style to your journey. But probably their greatest advantage is that they come a lot cheaper than buying each piece separately.

As already mentioned, the available options are innumerable, but you can limit down your options by understanding which type of luggage set suits your needs best. To do that, you need to have a clear understanding of some basic types of luggage sets.

  • Wheeled sets: for obvious reasons is a very popular type – actually our selection of luggage sets is of this type. Durable, handy and sturdy they are basically designed for people who plan to travel a lot.
  • Spinner luggage: Spinners is an actually an upright suitcase with wheels that facilitate all – directions movement. They have gained popularity recently, mainly among travellers who wish something robust yet easy to handle.
  • Samsonites: this widely known and celebrated brand is the emblem of luggage sets combining style and high-quality construction.
  • Eagle Creek Luggage is more or less a more recent development in suitcase sets. They feature innovations that are meant to make the traveller’s life easier and last for decades. Another distinguishing feature is their light weight.

Special Types

Children’s Luggage

Sets designed for children are a sub – category of their own. Manufacturers have to integrate most of the advantages of the “grown – ups” sets but also take into account the child’s average height and strength, along with his or her usual needs and wishes. It would be a gross mistake not to check scrupulously your child’s set with the idea that he or she will grow out of it and throw it away some day. Children’s suitcase sets can prove handy even years after the children leave home, so do not fail to choose wisely.

For Sport Gear

Whether a golf enthusiast or an ardent skier, if your travels are usually a means to enjoy your favourite sport, then you should look for specialised luggage bags.

For Cameras & Electronic Devices

The same principles apply to professionals with expensive equipment, like photographers, cameramen etc. Several manufacturers have designed specialised sets which are far preferable than conventional ones, featuring, for instance, 100% waterproof material, enhanced structure etc.

Airline Baggage Weight Restrictions

Air transportation is the quickest, safest and often most economical way to get to your destination – but poses some challenges when it comes to luggage. Airlines have certain restrictions regarding luggage weight and exceeding the limit brings along pricey extra charges.

Thus, the lightweight suitcase has become ever more popular, especially as the Airlines show a tendency of further reducing their weight limits.

So, if you travel often, then you probably use 2 – 3 specific airlines you trust. Make sure you know their restrictions and extra charges and check from time to time and surely before buying a ticket if anything has changed. Knowing the average airline luggage weight and size allowances will help you pick the set that blends the size, and space appropriate for your personal items, without exceeding the allowances and draining your budget.

Note that airline luggage restrictions vary greatly between airlines or from country to country. It can also be different depending on your destination or the class you are travelling in.

Several airlines give you the chance to pay a fixed amount per extra bag – each with the same luggage allowance as your free bag. In this case, there is no need to have many kilos in overweight to make it a much more economical option. In the meantime, most airlines offer discounts to passengers that make such arrangements in advance and via the internet, instead of the last minute hassle at the airport.

It can be costly if you exceed your airline luggage weight allowance and having a “custom” – sized set can save you hundreds of Euros that it would be better spent elsewhere during your vacation.

Also, note that you can’t have a backpack like a hiking one on the plane… it needs to be a specific type of cabin bag.

How to Choose the Set that Suits you Best


Naturally, when you purchase a set you plan to use it for many years, so convenience is a must. Otherwise, when this magic feeling of getting something new withers, then the drawbacks of your luggage set will surface and you won’t be looking forward to using it in your journeys.


Again, since you want your suitcase set to last for many years to come, make sure it is made from durable materials. Check carefully the reviews as well as the quality of the material used.

First of all, sets are divided in Soft and Hard-Sided ones. The latter was always safer and more durable, but a lot heavier and more expensive. Still, modern technology has made hard – sided luggage lighter and cheaper to make, and soft-sided much more durable. Nowadays, there are available durable, lightweight and affordable both soft and hard – sided. In fact, the basic difference nowadays is that hard-sided offers better protection and soft-sided more flexibility (can be expandable, they have external pockets etc).

The most widely used fabric for soft – sided suitcases and bags are

  • ballistic nylon,
  • cordura
  • and polyester.

The first two are usually used in top quality soft luggage, while polyester is the most popular fabric for the cheaper luggage ranges.

The best indicator of the durability of fabric material is the denier rating, that reveals the fabric’s fiber thickness of the. The higher the number is, the thicker the fiber. Still, the type of fabric plays a vital role. For example, ballistic nylon and cordura nylon are always superior to polyester in fabric quality, even if it is thicker.

The most commonly used hard luggage materials are

  • polycarbonate,
  • aluminium,
  • ABS
  • and polypropylene.

Aluminium is considered the best material of all regarding durability and is followed by polycarbonate, polypropylene and ABS.

Polycarbonate is molded type of thermoplastic polymers and is a very popular material for hard luggage. It is lighter than aluminium but still very durable, impact resistant and features more style choices.

Polypropylene is also very resilient (but not as much as polycarbonate). Polypropylene is ideal for those who want good protection in as lightweight form as possible.

ABS (acrylonitrile – butadiene – styrene) is a common thermoplastic, lighter than polycarbonate but not as durable. It is also the cheapest hard material. Sometimes it is added to other stronger materials.


Sets come in such a wide range of prices that it’s almost impossible to know how much the cheaper or the most expensive set available costs.

The rule “you get what you paid for” applies in this case as well but never be carried away by prices.

Several sets are designed for specific types of travellers – businessmen, journey buffs, salesmen etc. – and, therefore, have special features that meet some rather specific needs. These features often raise the price considerably. So make sure yours has the features you do need and nothing more. Thus, you will get a convenient, durable set in affordable prices.

Packing like a pro

Some Last Thoughts

You and I have something in common. We love journeys. We love the excitement of experiencing something new. But even if we don’t – even you travel because you have to, as part of your job or for other reasons – in order to lead our lives, we need a good, convenient, durable and, most of all, an affordable set.

If your existing set has already breathed its last, buying a new one that will meet your needs and wants will require some of your time for thorough research. Weigh your options carefully – even if you are interested in one of the luggage sets we presented above, make sure it has all the features you cannot do without.

Bear in mind that your set is nothing less than a small investment – hence, it is not a subject you should go cheap about. Of course, you should not also buy the first expensive set you set your eye on.

In addition, selecting the right type of luggage to fit current – day airline rules will help you avoid trouble, disappointment and extra fees and enable you to comply with carrying – on restrictions and check – in weight limits.

Still, figuring out what suits you best will never be easy. Check again the above suggestions but do not allow yourself to be limited by them.

But before you go…

A Handy Luggage Buying Check – List

  • Cheek again the available types of luggage
  • Decide which type suits you best
  • Take into account other factors that may influence your choice (special holiday, skiing, golf etc.)
  • Ascertain all airline luggage restrictions
  • Make sure you know all about possible check-in luggage restrictions
  • Limit down your options
  • Check each set’s material
  • Check the skeleton
  • Check the quality of the luggage wheels
  • Decide on the colour

Whether you are a frequent traveller or a family vacation lover, whether your journeys last no less than a month or could be described as short city breaks or business trips, the key lies in knowing which type of luggage to go for.

Make sure you know what your needs are and use the information on this article as a guide. You will surely find the best luggage set for you.


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