7 Best Lawn Mowers for 2021 in the UK


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Top 3 Right now in UK


Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex

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Boasting some truly excellent features and suitable for loans of around 500m2, the Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex guarantees a perfect loan mowing, no matter the workload. With a high-speed Powerdrive motor and comfortable handles, it allows you to cut even the longest grass effortlessly, even up to or over the edge of your lawn. Note also that it comes with a wide range of adjustable cutting heights.

At a Glance

  • Part Number: 06008A4572
  • Weight: 13.9 kg
  • Dimensions: 79.5 x 49 x 50 cm
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion
  • Battery voltage: 36 V
  • Running time: 35 – 40 minutes
  • Battery charge time: 140 min
  • Power Source  cordless
  • Voltage: 36 volts
  • Wattage: 36 watts
  • Width of cut: 43 cm
  • Cutting system: Hardened and ground steel blade
  • Grass box capacity: 50 l
  • Height of cut: 20 – 70 mm
  • Height-of-cut settings: 6
  • Handle type: “Ergoflex-System”
  • Noise / vibration information
    Vibration emission value: ah 5 m/s²
  • Special Features:
    Electric Start
    Ergoflex Handles – Ergo-Grip, Multi-Function Handles for
    Comfortable Control
    Grass Combs, With Inset Front Wheels, For Easy Cutting Right Up to or Over the Edge
    Bosch High-Speed Powerdrive Motor System, for Optimum Performance Without Stalling
    Integrated Rear Roller for Stripes
    Single Lever Height of Cut Adjustment from 20 – 70 mm
  • Box Contains:
    Grass box
    Instruction manual


Build & Design  

Indeed, the Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex has a lot of plastic parts, but this does not mean it’s not sturdy enough or durable. The plastic used is designed to withstand severe and constant vibrations and, at the same time, keep the machine’s overall weight at the lowest possible level. Besides, you plan to mow the loan, not to bung it around trees and fences, right?

Its mostly plastic construction averts the risk of rusting too – a huge advantage if you live in places with humidity issues or coastal cities. Assembling is straightforward and easily done with a few standard home-tools.

Next, you have a mighty Bosch “Powerdrive” LI + motor system, powered by a 36 V /4.0 Ah Li-Ion battery. Surprisingly, this powerful motor doesn’t add much to the weight of the machine.

Design-wise, Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex excels at its handles. They handily fold in the middle by unscrewing their fasteners for easier storage or car transport. The grass box is surprisingly big too (no less than 50 litres) while emptying it can prove a bit trickier than I’d wish it to be since it has a pretty small opening. Still, with a bit of scooping, you will have no problem.

The controls are cleverly designed too, making one of the two or three most versatile control systems in the market today. They reduce muscle strain and ache during mowing, making loan mowing a breeze, even it lasts several hours. Note that you can easily handle it either of your hands – a great thing if you are left-handed.

All in all, you get 8 different grip positions, making it impossible to not find the perfect setting for your height and stature.

Last, the machine comes cordless, allowing you to operate it in any given environment. In fact, its optimised airflow guarantees up to 99% clipping collection, saving you time and effort, whereas the intelligent Bosch Syneon Chip affords the battery much greater runtime, which is usually around 35 to 40 minutes – more than enough for an average-sized lawn. Charging time is reasonable, around 140 minutes.

The cordless design, aside from the much easier operation, rids you of the unpleasant smell of petrol fumes.


Operation is pretty straightforward too. Just push the button in the middle of the handle and squeeze one of the four switches under the grip – and you are ready to go!

The cutting deck’s width is 40 cm – more than enough for a medium-sized lawn, or even a much bigger one. Neat and well-studied, it is equipped with a height adjustment lever located on the left-hand side. Another great addition is the transportation-handle mounted on the top of the deck.

You got 10 different cutting height positions, ranging from just 20 mm to 70 mm, catering to almost any given loan mowing need. Adjusting the height with the corresponding lever is more than easy.

Last you have the inset wheel/grass comb combination, designed for close cuts at the edges of your lawn. Neat and well-positioned grass coms on both sides of the mower, with inset front wheels at the front, enabling you to cut up to the edges and getting that great looking evenly-cut finish all across your lawn.

Last, despite its powerful motor, noise is more than bearable and much lower than its predecessors.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Cordless
  • Easy to assemble, use and store – multi-grip handle
  • Excellent cut, even at the edges of your lawn
  • Powerful motor
  • Low noise
  • 10 different cutting heights
  • Big grass box
  • Excellent price tag!


  • Grass box’s opening a bit narrow

Our Opinion

Being one of the largest yet most lightweight lawn mowers in the market in its category, the Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex will easily meet the needs of any medium-sized home lawn, delivering excellent performance on almost any given type of grass.

Amazingly lightweight and easy to handle, it easily adjusts its height and will get even the edges of your lawn for an excellent finish. Sure, its huge grass box could use a bigger opening, but the pros (including its price) are far too many to bother me with such a triviality.


Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C

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The Flymo Speedi-Mo features a pretty decent 1500-watt motor, a solid build and a 40-litre grass box – a combination that makes it an excellent choice for medium sized home lawns – especially if you have never used a lawn mower before.

Let’s take a gander…

At a Glance

  • Power: 1250 Watt
  • Dimensions
  • Height: 99 cm
  • Size: folded handle height: 70 cm
  • Length: 126 cm
  • Size: folded handle length: 112 cm
  • Width: 40.5cm
  • Weight: 11.5 kg
  • Cable Length (m): 12
  • Cutting:
    Cutting width: 36 cm
    Cutting height steps: 5 (20 – 60)
    Cutting height adjustment: Central
  • Collector volume (Grass box): 40 L
  • Blade type: Metal
  • Perfect for First Time Home Buyers
  • Ideal for Medium to Large Sized Gardens
  • With Useful Carry Handle
  • Adjustable Cutting Height – Five Different Settings
  • Included in the box:
    The mower itself
    10-metre power cable.
    1 x 40 Lt grass box
    Carry handle


Build & Design

The Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C is equipped with a 1500-watt motor and a 10-metre power cord, which means you have to carefully measure your lawn and make sure its radius covers your needs. Otherwise, there is always the solution to a power cord extension. Note that it is much more powerful than all its cordless competitors in its category.

Equipped with a 36-cm metal mower blade, it boasts much better durability than lawn mowers with plastic blades and fewer expenses on spare parts. On top of that, metal blades are far sharper, delivering a neater finish to your lawn. Last, they can also be sharpened from time to time – something not possible with plastic blades. According to some, Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C boasts one of the most efficient cutting system available today.

Height adjustment is also very easy in this model – and very handy too, allowing you to tackle several different lawn cutting needs. Just use the lever at the back of the mower. You have 5 different cutting lengths, ranging from 20 to 60 mm.

As for the cutting diameter, namely one of 36 cm, it is just perfect, allowing you to store it easily and move freely in smaller areas and yards with narrow paths, without being inadequate for medium-size lawns.

For a machine of such dimensions, Flymo’s grass box is more than enough, capable of containing around 40 litres cut grass before requiring emptying. Easy to remove and empty, it will cause you no trouble at all. There is no grass box level indicator, but that is hardly an issue.


Being power driven, it never runs out leaving the work half-done, it has no emissions and it’s rather quiet during operation. Easy to handle and manoeuvre (either with both or one of the two handles), the only thing you need to mind is to keep the deck and blades clear from the cord. Still, the left and right power trigger require some strength to keep depressed for long. From this point of you, it could be a bit more ergonomic.

You also have the standard safety button in the centre (which must be held down to get the mower started), it requires a both-hand grip at the beginning.

Considering its power and easy handling, the Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C indeed lives up to its reputation as the ideal choice for first-timers.


  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Lightweight, small size
  • Fold away handles
  • Adequate height adjustment settings
  • Powerful 1500W motor


  • Pair of power triggers could be more ergonomic


Einhell GE-EM 1233

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Moving to one of the best-known lawn mowers manufacturers, the Einhell GE-EM 1233 1250 W justifies the firm’s reputation for quality and reliability. Promoted as an excellent choice for ‘owners of smaller gardens’, this particular model is not exactly cheap, but it is worth every penny of its price tag with its wealth of features.

Let’s take a closer look.

At a Glance

  • Model Number: 3400192
  • Weight: 11.1 Kg
  • Dimensions: 38.2 x 67.5 x 29 cm
  • Power Source: Corded-electric
  • Voltage: 230 volts
  • Recommended for: Lawn Areas up to 300 Square Metres
  • Wattage: 1250 watts
  • Plug Format: G – 3 pin British
  • 1250-Watt Carbon Powered Motor
  • High Torque
  • Special Features:
    High-Quality, Impact-Resistant Plastic Housing
    Electric Start, Self-Propelled
    5 X Central Cutting Height Settings (20 – 60 mm)
    Wide Wheel System
    Edge Cutting System for Effective Grass Cutting Against Walls
    Folding Long Handle with Quick Clamping Function
    Integrated Carry-Handle for Easy Transport
    Cable-Relief Clip
    Wide Wheels Exert Less Stress On the Lawn
    Grass Box with Level Indicator
  • Box Contains
    Grass Collection Box


Build & Design

Featuring a neat and sleek design, and a rather small weight, this agile high-performance electric lawn mower is designed to bring the ardent gardener out of you, if you have zero experience. Its housing is made of high-quality and impact-resistant plastic, ensuring a surprisingly long service life. On the other hand, if you value bulky and heavy construction, this model is not for you.

Equipped with a carbon power motor of 1,250 Watts – more than enough for a small to medium-size lawn – it provides enough high torque for strong traction through high growth and wet grass, no matter the terrain type, as well as an excellent cut finish.

You also get a 33 cm cutting width, which is just what you need for lawns up to 300 m². Its grass box is decent enough for its overall size, capable of containing 30 litres of cut grass. Next, you have a handy range of 5 different cutting heights, allowing you to mow your lawn regardless of its condition and growth level.


As already mentioned, the mower’s high torque guarantees effortless cutting, with zero stalls and jams when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Aside from all the standard features, you’ve got a really nice one in its wheels’ design. They are surprisingly wide, in an effort to spread the load over as wide as possible. This handy feature affords a much more seamless and uniform finish, instead of the usual unaesthetic stripes. In addition to that, they allow you to cut the lawn edges easily and efficiently.

On the other hand, you will find the so-called ‘Dead man’s’ handle on one side of the handlebar. Practically, this means the handler cannot switch hands holding it down in case the other one gets tired. It would be nice if Einhell had added here a full-length bar across the handlebar, but that is not such a great setback since the mower is designed for relatively small lawns that should be cut and ready rather quickly.


  • Sturdy enough and highly reliable build, combined with a small weight
  • Might carbon power motor
  • Easy height adjustment
  • A seamless cutting (even at the edges) due to wheel positioning


  • Not cheap, but certainly value-for-money

Our Opinion

Einhell’s GE-EM 1233 1250 W is just perfect for small garden owners that look for lightweight and reliable lawn mower and adore clear-cut seamless finishes in their grass – and are willing to pay a bit more to get it.


Aerotek Cordless Lawnmower 40V

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The Aerotek Cordless Lawn Mower is… cordless, which means it has a radius no limitations and eliminates any possibility of having a cord tangled up under its blades. No more messy petrol motors and constant refilling either, since its powerful 40V motor has no problem with medium-sized home lawns and gardens. Note its large 50-litre grass box and its easy-to-store compact design.

At a Glance

  • Brand: Aerotek
  • Type: Cordless
  • Cutting Width: 40 Cm [Series X2]
  • Dimensions: 122 X 51 X 113 Cm
  • Weight: 14.9 Kg
  • Voltage: 40 Volts Dc
  • No Load Speed: 3,400 Rpm
  • Height Adjustments: 25 – 75mm (6 Central)
  • Special Features:
  • Quick Charge
  • Ideal for Lawns of Up to 400 Square Metres
  • Large Capacity
  • Mulching Attachment
  • Multipurpose: Grass Cutting & Lawn Nourishing
  • Adjustable Cutting Height
  • Included in The Package:
  • 40v Lithium – Ion 4 Ah Battery
  • Charger
  • Warranty: 24 Months


Design & Build

True, it is not the cheapest lawnmower available, but it is worth every penny of its price tag, considering its mighty performance, highly advanced features, power autonomy and two-year guarantee provided by the manufacturer.

Sleek and compact, despite its massive grass box of 50 litres, the Aerotek Cordless Lawn Mower is obviously designed with the user in mind. Its large grass box allows you to work without having to empty it again and again before finishing. Its dimensions enable easy storage, while the cutting height range ranks indeed among the largest available for mowers of this size, with six different settings, ranging from 25 mm to 75 mm. Most of its competitors rarely go beyond the 50 mm or 60 mm!

What stands out, of course, in its design is the fact that it has no cord. Aside from negating any risk of the cord getting tangled while mowing the lawn, Aerotek has no limits radius-wise, allowing you to work in places where there is no electricity or pose other difficulties, and walk around crevices and otherwise inaccessible spots.

The overall very clever design extends to the folding handle too, which makes storage all the easier. Aerotek will fold down and easily fit into a shed or garage.


The Aerotek Cordless Lawn Mower has already gained a reputation for its quick-charge system, superior to most of its major competitors. It affords more than half an hour of mowing. Combined with a 40-cm cutting width ant its 40-Volt battery, it enables a relatively experienced user to finish off an area of more than 400 square metres! If you consider that most of its competitors barely cover 250 square metres, you can easily understand why we picked it for our list.

Undeniably, this lawn mower’s top priority is performance. All key features are significantly upgraded compared to other previous models, especially regarding the cutting width and grass box capacity. Sadly, it lacks self-propulsion and cannot leave a certain pattern on the grass.

Last, we must note that the Aerotek Cordless Lawn Mower allows you to mulch grass, allowing you to provide nutrients to the soil and improve its fertility and health.


  • Easy to use
  • Cordless
  • Massive grass box capacity
  • Easy storage
  • Great autonomy
  • Allows grass mulching

Our Opinion

Compact design, upgraded features, power autonomy and several handy characteristics make the Aerotek cordless lawn mower one of the best options for this year.



Greenworks 40V Cordless

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Moving next, we have the Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower, which already ranks among the best-selling cordless lawn mowers in Europe. Greenworks has earned recognition as a reliable and cost-effective brand and this lawn mower lives up to this reputation.

Let us see why.

At a Glance

  • Model Number: G40LM35K2X (Art No: 2501907UC)
  • Weight: 20.9 Kg
  • Dimensions: 71 x 38 x 46.5 cm
  • Power Source: Battery powered
  • Batteries: 2 Lithium ion batteries required (included in the package)
  • Size: 35 cm
  • Colour: Green
  • Style: Tool + 2x 2 Ah batteries + charger
  • Voltage: 40 volts
  • Blade Length: 35 inches
  • Measurement System: Metric
  • Included in the package:
  • 1 x G40C Charger
  • Instructions Manual
  • Autonomy: 40 minutes per charge
  • Recharge Time for each Battery: 60 minutes
  • Free Mulch Plug


Build & Design

Full of great features normally seen much pricier cordless mowers, Greenworks’ 40-volt cordless lawn mower easily cuts a 250-meter square area (think of the area covered by a tennis court) without wearing you out, since the first thing you notice when handling it is its surprisingly small weight and really big wheels (the rear ones have an 18-cm diameter, and the front ones a 15-cm one).

The build is sturdy and well-thought. True, its cutting width is small, but this is not necessarily an issue, especially if your lawn falls into the small-to-medium size category, or has slopes and does not lay out evenly. Besides, the fact that it is cordless affords you great autonomy. Coupled with the fact that it produces zero emissions and works quietly without causing you a headache, it makes it an excellent choice for both city gardens and lawns in remote cottages.

Now by far, its most impressive trait in Greenworks’ 40-Volt lawn mower is its 2-Ah battery. Naturally, the charger is included in the package and is compatible with several other Greenworks garden tools, like its hedge cutter, trimmer, leaf blower etc.

The lithium-ion 40-volt battery charges in just half an hour and can be easily removed from the machine every time you wish to charge or store it. Buying an extra battery is always a wise option with cordless machinery, but you can also opt for a single-battery package. Still, if your lawn is much bigger than 250 square metres and you hate leaving the job for the next day or waiting 30 minutes extra before finishing, then it would be wise to get two of them.

There is also a handy battery level indicator, which normally should be standard to all cordless lawn mowers, but it is not!

The fold-away handle is another handy addition, turning carrying and storing the machine into a breeze. next, you have the removable safety key, which is not something you will use frequently but may prove handy in some situations.


Obviously, the greatest thing with the Greenworks’ cordless lawn mower is the fact that it enables you to go anywhere your lawn may be, without troubling the neighbours or getting to the nerves of the family and friends that ventured out in the countryside with you.

Another great thing is, of course, its mulching feature, which not only allows you to naturally fertilize your soil but also to work more freely, without having to mount the grass bag and carry extra weight.

The Greenworks 40V excels at cutting lawn of varying length and thickness – and its lightweight construction and powerful motor are the reasons behind it.


  • Cordless
  • Excellent battery and charger
  • Value for money
  • Good build quality
  • Portability

Our Opinion

Greenworks’ 40-volt cordless lawn mower is indeed a fantastic mower, ideal for lawns and gardens of up to 250 square metres. If you have a bigger one and you wish to avoid buying something bigger and pricier than just make sure to order it with two batteries instead of one.


Webb WEER33 ER33

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Next in our list comes the Webb ER33 Electric Lawn Mower, a relatively new addition to lawn-care market but already famed for its excellent design and functionality. Boasting an array of handy features and greatly upgraded compared to most of its competitors, it guarantees efficient and almost effortless lawn mowing.

Let us take a closer look at its most significant characteristics and features.

At a Glance

  • Brand: Webb
  • Model Number: Weer33
  • Weight: 8.8 Kg
  • Dimensions: 121 X 37 X 108 Cm
  • Colour: Green/ Black
  • Power Source: AC
  • Voltage: 240 Volts
  • Wattage: 1300 Watts
  • Measurement System: Metric
  • Cutting Width: 33 cm (13″)
  • Single Lever Height of Cut (25 – 65 mm)
  • Collection Bag Capacity: 35 Litres
  • Power Cable Length: 10 Metres
  • Other Features:
    Metal blade
    Rear Discharge
    Drive Type-Push
    Handle Type-Folding
    5 different cutting heights
    Single lever height of cut adjustment (25-65mm)
  • 2-year warranty


Build & Design

We could begin with a few words about the construction and design of the Webb WEER33 lawnmower. Putting it together is easier than ever thanks to the innovative tool-less push-fit handle; the only thing you have to do is click it into place.

Its deck is made of prime quality plastic; indeed, the lawnmower features a pretty sturdy casing, and it’s very easy to move around. This is mostly because of the nicely designed ball bearings featured in the wheels and the ergonomically designed handle. The handle also folds in for easier storage.

Featuring a 1300-Watt electric motor ensuring economic operation and much fewer malfunctions and need for repairs, the Webb WEER33 offers a 33-cm (13”) cutting width, making it simply perfect for small gardens and urban lawns. In addition to that, the manufacturer has mounted a single lever height adjustment mechanism, allowing you to effortlessly switch the cutting height in one move, from 25 mm to 65 mm. This handy feature is perfect for proper lawn mowing in different seasons of the year.

Its 35-litre collection bag may not sound so impressive, but if you do use it for small gardens you will instantly find out that it is more than enough. The power cable spans for 10 metres – so, again, when used for the lawns designed for in the first place, you will probably not need to use a cable extension.


As you probably already guessed, one of the leading benefits of this lawnmower is user experience. Transporting and carrying is also very easy thanks to its ergonomic carry handle.

Effortless manoeuvring, ergonomic handle, and an engine that will not tear your eardrums apart, the Webb WEER33 lawnmower will be a delight to operate.

Last, note the 2-year warranty offered by the manufacturer.


  • Lightweight, easy to move around
  • Decent cut-width and collection bag for small gardens
  • Value for money


  • Not suitable for anything bigger than a small urban lawn

Our Opinion

Webb’s excellent design and dedication to detail brought forth an electric mower that is a delight to use – provided you use it just for a small garden.



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Boasting an improved handle design for greater comfort and manoeuvrability, Black & Decker’s BEMW481BH-GB is one of the most popular 1800-watt lawnmowers in the market today. mainly because of its effortless operation, efficiency and handy features.

At a Glance

  • Part Number: BEMW481BH-GB
  • Weight: 17.5 Kg
  • Dimensions: 79.3 x 46.8 x 41.1 cm
  • Model number: BEMW481BH-GB
  • Size: 42 cm
  • Power Type: Corded
  • Voltage: 240 volts
  • Wattage: 1800 watts
  • Measurement System: Metric
  • Features:
    Bike handle design for improved ergonomics
    Ideal for large-sized gardens up to 600+ m2
    80% Improved cutting & collection
    Front & back axel height adjust lever 20-70cm
    Roller feature allows for striped lawn design


Build & Design

Featuring a sturdy built, the BEMW481BH-GB most important design trait is its powerful motor. Combined with its responsive controls, large back wheels – ideal for operation on rough ground – and excellent portability, the BEMW481BH-GB can easily pose as the best pick in our 7-best lawnmowers list.

Suitable for lawns of around 600m2 and mastering an 1800-watt motor, the BEMW481BH-GB ensures a uniform lawn cut, while the grass combs allow for an excellent finish. Besides, there are 6 different height settings that you can easily swap with a one-move lever. The wide range of cutting heights affords your maximized control over the type of finish you prefer on your lawn.

Equipped with a big 42 cm cutting diameter blade, carefully positioned for the best possible cutting, even near walls and lawn edges, removing straggling ends, and a massive 50-litre collection unit, you will tackle you cutting needs with minimum emptying sessions. It is also equipped with a fully-loaded indicator to let you know when you have to empty it.

Its new high-performance blade design delivers 80% better collection and boosts the overall cutting performance. The 50-litre collection box will collect more grass and thus greatly reduce the time you spent emptying it, while the “bag full” indicator lets you know when the bag is full.


Well, the best way to describe its operation is effortless. Indeed, especially if you used another lawn mower before, you will instantly feel the difference in overall tiredness after finishing your lawn. User-friendly and ergonomic, it remains comfortable even after hours of usage.

The “Easy Start” function allows you to switch the mower on and off easily, while the improved wheel design, combined with the improved handle, ensures excellent grip and overall control.

Last, the intelligent cable management system makes things much easier, with the risk of wire tangling is drastically reduced.


  • Powerful with high-performance blade design
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Big collection box
  • Easy adjust-height system
  • Easy cable management


  • Nothing we could find worth of mentioning

Our Opinion

Just perfect for small- and medium-sized gardens, Black & Decker’s BEMW481BH-GB will prove efficient and comfortable, no matter the lawn task you plan to undertake.

Lawnmower Buying Guide

Why Should I Know about Lawn Mowers Before Buying One?

You are probably new to the world of lawn mowing or gardening, but you desperately need to buy a lawnmower. Being wise, you acknowledge your lack of experience in the field and feel you must have some guidance or basics before making your purchase.

Besides, lawnmowers are not exactly cheap – at least decent ones. So, finding the mower that will get the job done, making landscaping a fast, breezy experience that will save you time and money and keep your garden and property clean and beautiful is worth the time and effort.

So, we thought of providing some insight into the world of lawnmowers. By reading the following lines, you will get a pretty clear picture of what to look for in a lawnmower. But let’s start with the basics.

Lawn Mowers – The Basics

What’s the Basic Design of a Lawn Mower?

Lawnmowers back in the past were equipped with a vertical blade spinning through a mechanism set in motion by pushing or pulling the mower. Naturally, while mowers of this sort still exist, landscape technology has developed.

Today, the vast majority of lawnmowers are rotary mowers; they use a motor to spin their horizontal blades and cut through the grass evenly.

The engine and blades are always housed within a casing, both for safety reasons and to keep grass and dirt from being ejected all around during operation.

All mowers are equipped with sturdy handles firmly attached to the casing, allowing you to manoeuvre the device at will.

Which are the Different Types of Lawn Mowers?

Lawnmowers come now in various styles or types. You can categorise them in various ways using a certain criterion; for instance, their source of power, which gets you

  • manual lawn mowers;
  • gas-powered;
  • electric, which is further divided into corded and cordless lawnmowers.

Based on other characteristics, you can find them described

  • as push mowers (you walk and push the mower while guiding it),
  • riding mowers (you sit on it while mowing, like a small car),
  • self-propelled mowers (using the engine to power the wheels too),
  • and robotic mowers,

highlighting each time a rather distinguishing feature during their operation.

How Much Does a Lawn Mower Cost?  

The price obviously depends on several factors, including

  • type of construction materials;
  • type of power used;
  • engine power;
  • dimensions;
  • domestic or professional use;
  • extra features etc.

Most lawn mowers designed for small to mid-size gardens cost less than a thousand pounds, but much depends on what you wish your mower to do. A model of a few hundred pounds may prove too expensive because it offers things you don’t need, or a 1,500-pound model proves cheap because it meets your needs and wishes at a lower price than most of its competitors. So, price tags should always be judged objectively, after considering your real needs and wants.

So, what to look for in a lawnmower? Let’s see.

What to Look for in a Lawn Mower?

To buy the lawnmower that will best suit your needs, you will have to consider the following characteristics.

Recommended Lawn Size

All manufacturers state the recommended lawn size for their models. So, when a model catches your attention, check whether its recommended lawn size matches yours.

Generally speaking, push lawn mowers (even self-propelled ones) will only do for yards or gardens of no more than 20,000 square feet. For anything bigger than that, opt for a riding mower.

Type of Terrain

Next, you’ll have to consider the terrain of your garden or yard. Why?

Flat, obstacle-free gardens are easy to manage with a typical push mower (or a reel mower), but terrain with hills or elevations or other obstacles (flower beds, rocks, fountains, lawn decorations etc.) require a self-propelled mower. Self-propelled mowers power the wheels along with the blades, making the whole task much easier. Generally speaking, the more obstacles you have in your garden or yard, the sharper you need your lawnmower to turn.

Type of Power Supply

Modern-day lawnmowers use mostly gas or electricity for power, and each power source has its advantages and disadvantages.

Gas lawn mowers afford much more power and usually get the whole job done, but they get noisy and their maintenance is a bit trickier and a lot messier.

Cordless electric lawn mowers are generally less powerful and may need a recharge to finish off the whole lawn, but they are quieter, and their maintenance is much easier.

Corded lawn mowers, on the other hand, have not time limitations, they are as quiet as it gets, they are3 easy and clean to maintain, but always need a power supply nearby, they have a limited radius (or otherwise need a cord extension), and re require caution during operation, cause the last thing you wish is the cord to get tangled in the blades.


The dimensions of the casing, or “deck” as it’s usually called, of the mowers, indicate the size of the blades too. Most decks are between 20” to 70”, but with the 30 – 60’’ range being the most widely used, especially for small to mid-size gardens.

The bigger the blades are, the more lawn they will cut with one pass, saving you time and energy – provided that your lawn is big, flat and without obstacles. Unfortunately, they are not designed for sharp turns and moving around obstacles. The opposite, of course, applies to lawn mowers with smaller decks.

Grass Clippings Disposal

There are two basic types of grass clippings disposal. The first one is the side-discharge; the mower simply discharges the grass clippings form a side opening onto the freshly cut lawn. This is actually a good thing for your lawn because grass clippings can work as a fertiliser – provided they are thinly cut, cause, otherwise, they would have the opposite effect, and you would have to rake them, thus adding to your workload.

The other type of grass clippings disposal involves their collection into a bag, which, of course, you need to buy separately. Then you may dispose of them as you wish, either composting them or taking them up to the garbage can.


In case you opt for a riding lawn mower, check first whether you need any attachments and see if they are compatible. For example, you may end up needing a couple of rakes, a dump cart, fertilizer spreaders, a lawn aerator, or a lawn roller.

What Is the Best Type of Lawnmower?

Now that you know a few things about lawn mowers, you are in a better position to pick the type that best meets your needs. Let us dig a bit deeper into the characteristics of each one and get a clearer picture.

As already mentioned, push mowers stand out as the most common type of lawnmower, as well as the one demanding the biggest manual effort. You will have to push the mower around, which is a lot easier in newer models but still requires some strength and stamina, especially during the summer.

On the upside, push mowers are much less expensive and are easy to maintain.

  • Gas-Powered or Electric Lawnmowers

Electric lawnmowers are a very popular choice among homeowners with small- and mid-sized gardens and yards, combining great efficiency, affordable price and easy operation.

Equipped with a motor powered by electricity or gas, most of them are push mowers, but some models also feed power to the wheels, thus minimising the need to push the machine.

Electric lawnmowers are divided into two categories, those with cord (corded) and those working with battery (cordless) and corded styles. Their pros include:

  • they are friendlier to the environment;
  • they make much less noise;
  • they are easy to start – you just push a button and they are ready to go;
  • their maintenance is not so messy as that of the gas-powered lawnmower.

On the downside, electric lawnmowers

  • are not so powerful;
  • (if they are cordless) may need a recharge to finish off a mid-size garden, or require an electrical power source nearby (if they are corded);
  • corded models also require caution during operation, because the cord must not get tangles into the blades.

Gas power lawn mowers, on the other hand

  • are very efficient and powerful;
  • are easy to operate;
  • easily get the job done with a single fill;
  • can operate everywhere, without any need for electricity around.

On the other hand, gas-powered lawnmowers

  • are a bit messy when it comes to maintenance;
  • emit gas fumes;
  • are, generally, a bit noisier.

Self-Propelled Lawnmowers

Design-wise they look very similar to push mowers but need much less physical strength to move them around, using power from their engine to spin the wheels. All you have to do is to guide them properly around your yard.

Self-propelled mowers are ideal for

  • homeowners with health issues or limited physical strength;
  • homeowners that hate getting tired out in the sun;
  • lawns on sloped gardens or really big yards;
  • homeowners that wish an even neat cut for the whole yard.

Riding Lawnmower

Popular among homeowners with really big gardens or lawns, riding lawn mowers allow you to actually sit on them and drive them around (usually with a steering wheel), without even having to walk. Stylish and more effortless than any other type of lawnmower, riding lawn mowers are bulkier and are a bit more difficult to store, and, of course, they are more expensive.

Zero-Turn-Radius Lawnmowers

ZTR mowers are specifically designed to make navigation around lawn obstacles, such as flower beds, rocks, lawn decorations etc., as easy as it gets. Equipped with front caster wheels designed to turn sharply whenever required, without leaving uncut spots, ensuring an even cut and trimming even in the most difficult spots. Needless to say, such efficiency comes at a price.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Lawnmower?

Lawnmowers are usually used more often during the spring and summer, but that is not the best season to buy a lawnmower, because at that time of the year, due to the high demand, their prices soar – except, of course, if you find a good offer. The best time to buy a lawnmower is in early fall, in September for example, when prices drop. Buying it early in the fall will also give you ample time to learn how to use it properly before the spring or summer time.


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