7 Best Home Cross Trainers for 2021 in the UK


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Top 3 Cross Trainers Right Now


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Designed for moderate home use, Sportstech Cross Trainer CX625/CX608 is probably the best entry-level cross-trainer.

At a Glance

  • Brand: Sportstech
  • Colour: CX608 Black
  • Dimensions: 141 x 65 x 165 cm
  • Weight: 33 Kg
  • Flywheel mass: 24 kg
  • Meters: Distance, Heart Rate, Time, Speed, Burnt Calories, Time, Heart Rate, Level and Current Program
  • Grooved Belt Drive System
  • Resistance: Computer-Controlled Magnetic Brakes with 16 Levels
  • Interface with Wireless Connection to Smart Devices (Not Included in Delivery)
  • Compatible with Fitness App, Delightech + Kinomap
  • 22 Training Programs and 5 HRC Programs
  • Elliptical Walking Movement for A Healthy and Joint-Friendly Workout
  • Bottle Holder, Transport Wheels
  • Size When Assembled: 1410x650x165 Mm
  • Max User Weight: 110 Kg
  • Included in Delivery:
    User Manual

Design & Features

Entry-level cross trainers are designed for people of average build and stature that wish to train 3-4 times a week and have pretty moderate expectations from their workouts, like losing weight, improving their stamina and getting a leaner figure.

If indeed these sum up your goals, then Sportstech’s proposition will meet your wishes at an excellent price.

Designed with a modular (3-piece) crank system, it successfully combines a relatively low weight with sufficient stability – for averagely built users. Note the weight of the flywheel compared to that of the machine as a whole. It ensures an adequately smooth movement, which is not just pleasant but also necessary for safe training, minimising the danger of an injury.

It comes with the standard anti-slip coating on the pedals for safe use and a cleverly conceived grooved belt drive system, which indeed minimises maintenance and produces much less noise than other similar models.

Magnetic brake system offers a range of 16 resistance levels. Combined with more than 20 training and HRC (Heart Rate Control) programs it will surely adapt to your training needs, while the Kinomap app adds spice to it, with a real distance video simulation and the opportunity to actually compete others athletes in real-time – thus turning your training session into a game and making competition an extra drive to push your limits. The Heart Rate Control mode allows you to program your desired heart rate and workout within the desired range and have the machine automatically adjust the resistance level

Other smart features include the coaching mode and the streaming function, as well as the ability to transfer distance data, create a training history, for your individual training progress.

The CX608 is compatible with a pulse belt for more accurate body readings, while the multifunctional console displays all the key data. You can also use its Bluetooth connection and check everything out from your tablet or smartphone.


  • Stable, well-constructed
  • Bluetooth connectible, several smart features
  • Plenty of resistance levels and training programs
  • HRC programs, automatic resistance level adjustment
  • Great price


  • Designed for moderate home training of averagely built amateur athletes. Nothing less, nothing more.

Our Opinion

Sportstech Cross Trainer CX625/CX608 is probably the best entry-level cross trainer, combining good construction quality with a decent price and an array of smart features that will make your training all the most fun.


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Featuring a neat, stylish design, the Branx Fitness X-Fit Cross Trainer is far more than an entry-level cross trainer pick. Reliable, durable, with several well-thought features, it caters to the needs of families and amateur athletes that wish to work out intensely several times a week.

At a Glance

  • Brand: Branx Fitness
  • Colour: Silver, Black, Red
  • Meters: Heart Rate, Speed with Chest Strap, Distance, Time, Speed, Burnt Calories, Level and Current Program
  • Dimensions: 166 x 66 x 158 cm
  • Weight: 60 Kg
  • Flywheel weight: 14.5 kg (32lbs)
  • Stride Length: 19.5 inches
  • Levels of Magnetic Resistance: 16
  • Maximum User Weight: 135 kg (298lbs)
  • Features:
    Iconsole – Console Unit with Built-in Bluetooth
    None Slip Adjustable Pedals
    USB Charging Station
    Transport Wheels & Adjustable Floor Pads
    Body Fat Readout Feature
    Water Bottle Is Included
  • Warranty: 2 Years Parts & Labour, 5 Years Warranty On Frame.

Design & Features

One of the first things you notice while using the Branx Fitness X-Fit Cross Trainer for the first time is its almost silent operation – which is not a given with this type of workout machine. It could pass as a professional piece of equipment, so efficient and cleverly designed that it would easily meet the standards of a well-respected gym.

Robustly constructed, it breathes stability even when the movement of the user gets a bit violent and intense. One of its most advanced features is its console, which comes with a Bluetooth connection that allows the user to control most of the features of the machine through your smartphone’s interface. True, the mobile controls may strike as glitz at first, but they serve their purpose and are very easy to use.

With 16 resistance levels – more than enough even for experienced users-, this model has a stride length of 19.5 inches, which means it can easily cater to the training needs of bulky and tall users.

For greater pulse rate accuracy, the heart monitor comes with a chest strap instead of mere hand grips measuring. Before dismissing this one as secondary, bear in mind that several workout plans deliver far better results when it comes to fat burning when you switch pace at specific pulse rates or pulse rate ranges.

The aftercare from the manufacturer is more than great, as you can easily see from almost any comment about it. The 5-year frame warranty and the 2-year warranty for both parts and labour nicely depicts the brand’s reliability and assures that you will not have to pay a fortune in case of an unforeseen defect.


  • Great Construction quality
  • Stability and Reliability
  • Excellent mobile device connectivity software
  • Plenty of resistance levels
  • Great price for this quality


  • Nothing we could find at this price.

Our Opinion

The Branx Fitness X-Fit Cross trainer combines great looks, excellent construction, features that serve the needs and wishes of serious athletes, regardless of their stature – and comes at a decent price. Its Bluetooth connection feature just sweetens the deal.


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Another great option for people who think that an entry-level cross trainer will fail their expectations and rigorous training program, Bluefin Fitness CURV 2.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer comes with 12 automatic training programs and 24 levels of resistance.

At a Glance

  • Brand: Bluefin Fitness
  • Dimensions: 113cm x 151cm x 50cm
  • Colour: Grey Silver/ Black
  • Material: Aluminium, Plastic
  • Meters: Distance, Heart Rate, Time, Calories Burned
  • Display: Backlit LCD + Smartphone/ Tablet Shelf
  • Silent Drive System
  • Magnetic Braking
  • Pulse Monitors
  • 12 x Automatic Programs
  • 24 x Manual Levels of Resistance
  • HRC: Heart Rate Control
  • Integrated Kinomap Fitness Smartphone App
  • E-Health Mobile/Tablet App with In-Built Programs, Social Media Compatible
  • Built-In Wheels for Easy Transportation
  • Silent Drive System
  • Magnetic Braking
  • Dual Ergonomic Grip Handlebars
  • Anti-Slip Secure Foot Pedals
  • Heavy Duty 12kg Flywheel Mass
  • Included in the Package:
    Bluefin Fitness Curv 2.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer
    Instruction Manual
    EU Power Adapter
    UK Power Adapter
    Tool Kit for set up & maintenance

Design & Features

Described as “streamlined and compact”, the Bluefin Fitness Curv 2.0 Cross Trainer features a truly well-studied design with an almost silent drive system and a very efficient and smooth magnetic braking.

The 12kg flywheel mass affords the necessary stability no matter the intensity of your movement, especially when combined with its pair of ergonomic handlebars. The clever combination of both the lower and upper limbs allow you to focus on several different muscle groups by alternating your hand position during your workout.

Now a few words about the multifunctional console. Its backlit LCD displays all the necessary workout data in real-time, including speed, time, distance, pulse and burned calories. Connectible via Bluetooth to your Smartphone, the integrated Kinomap App gives the user plenty more capabilities that enable an experienced athlete to ameliorate his or her training program and maximise its benefits. The Kinomap fitness app features countless training videos, live coaching, training classes and all sorts of structured workouts.

We absolutely loved the in-built stand for the smartphone and tablet by the way, very handy.

The stride length range is great, and the combination of 12 automatic programs and 24 manual levels of resistance enable you to tailor each and every training session to your personal needs. As we mentioned in one of the previous models, the Heart Rate Control mode allows you to program your desired heart rate and workout within the desired range and have the machine automatically adjust the resistance level!


  • Reliable, stable
  • Bluetooth connectivity, great app
  • silent operation
  • HRC programs, automatic resistance level adjustment
  • Decent price


  • Nothing we could find at this price

Our Opinion

An excellent above entry-level pick, the Bluefin Fitness CURV 2.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer comes has everything an enthusiastic cross-training enthusiast might wish for – at a compelling price.


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Bluefin Fitness CURV 3.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer is slightly more advanced and far more robust than the 2.0 model, designed for athletes of greater weight, height and expectations.

At a Glance

  • Brand: Bluefin Fitness
  • Dimensions: 162cm x 169cm x 65cm
  • Colour: Grey Silver/ Black
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Meters: Distance, Heart Rate, Time, Calories Burned
  • Display: Backlit LCD + Smartphone/ Tablet Shelf
  • Silent Drive System
  • Self-Powered Technology
  • Magnetic Braking
  • Pulse Monitors
  • 12 x Automatic Programs
  • 16 x Manual Levels of Resistance
  • HRC: Heart Rate Control
  • Integrated Kinomap Fitness Smartphone App
  • E-Health Mobile/Tablet App with In-Built Programs, Social Media Compatible
  • Built-In Wheels for Easy Transportation
  • Silent Drive System
  • Magnetic Braking
  • Dual Ergonomic Grip Handlebars
  • Anti-Slip Secure Foot Pedals
  • Heavy Duty 14 kg Flywheel Mass
  • Included in the Package:
    Bluefin Fitness Curv 2.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer
    Instruction Manual
    EU Power Adapter
    UK Power Adapter
    Tool Kit for set up & maintenance

Design & Features

Made of aluminium, the Bluefin Fitness Curv 3.0 Cross Trainer has more or less the same design with its smaller cousin: silent drive system, magnetic braking for smooth stops, ergonomic handlebars and a multifunctional console.

Yet, this time the flywheel mass is even heftier, weighing 14 kg. Again, the user can easily combine lower and upper limbs and target different muscle groups by changing his or her hand position during the workout.

The backlit LCD provides all the information you need to adjust your workout (speed, time, distance, pulse, burned calories). Using the Bluetooth connection, you can display everything to your Smartphone and use the Kinomap App for inspiration and guidelines for even more efficient training.  The in-built smartphone/ tablet stand makes things even easier.

The stride length range is wider in this model. You get the 12 automatic programs plus the Heart Rate Control mode that adjusts automatically the resistance level based on the heart pulse rate you set. Do not be fooled by the smaller number of resistance levels (16 against the 24 of the previous model). Each of them is carefully selected for people of greater height and weight and provide more than enough range to work on.


  • Robust, ideal for people of great weight and stature
  • Bluetooth connectivity, great app
  • silent operation
  • HRC programs, automatic resistance level adjustment
  • Reasonable price


  • Nothing we could find at this price

Our Opinion

The Bluefin Fitness CURV 3.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer is an advanced, robustly constructed machine that will easily meet the needs of taller and much heftier athletes.


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Combining advance technology with a very robust and stable design, the Nordic Track A. C. T. Cross Trainer is a nice option for athletes that are willing to spend a bit more for extra features.

At a Glance

  • Brand: Nordic Track
  • Dimensions: 165 x 81 x 162 cm
  • Maximum User Weight: 297 lbs (135 Kg)
  • Resistance Levels: 24
  • 32 On-board Workouts
  • 5″ Backlit Display
  • iFit Bluetooth – 1 Years Membership Included
  • Integrated Tablet Holder
  • Auxiliary Music Port
  • Two 2” Digitally-amplified Speakers
  • Centre Drive
  • 18″ – 22″ Adjustable Stride
  • 10 KG Inertia-enhanced Flywheel
  • OneTouch® Controls
  • EKG Grip Pulse Heart Rate Monitor
  • Soft Touch™ Upper-Body Grips
  • Adjustable Oversized Cushion Pedals
  • AutoBreeze™ Workout Fan
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Front-Mounted Transport Wheels
  • Warranty: 5-Year Frame, 2-Year Parts and Labour

Design & Features

NordicTrack has a reputation for integrating new, advanced features to each new model. Its Unisex A. C. T. Cross Trainer is a nice example.

While designed mostly for home use, its construction quality and fancy bells and whistles have helped it creep into lists of commercial cross trainers.

Nicely conceived and robustly built, the A.C.T. comes with cushioned, adjustable pedals for extra comfort and stability, with soft and ergonomic handgrips and covers at both sides, providing both protection – really handy if you have toddlers or pets that follow you around wherever you go – and enhanced stability.

The 10 kg flywheel and inertia mechanism deliver a surprisingly smooth and silent operation, which makes it ideal for apartment blocks with grumpy neighbours, or people that need to work out during resting or early morning hours.

The A.C.T. cross trainer is not the most customisable model of its price range, but it is versatile enough, with an adjustable stride range of 18-22 inches, with 24 digital resistance levels and 32 selectable workout programs. The monitor, while pretty elegant and providing all the necessary information, may seem a bit small to some.


  • Nice design
  • Ergonomic pedals and hand grips
  • Stable and silent operation
  • Adjustable resistance, several pre-installed workouts


  • The display is a bit small
  • Not exactly budget-friendly

Our Opinion

Nordic Track A. C. T. Cross Trainer boasts an ergonomic design, silent operation, a lot of workout options and several advanced features that seem to justify its price tag.


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Some consider it the best home cross trainer in the market – and they have plenty to back up their claim. Live Fitness FS4 is designed for serious athletes who need a steady, reliable and advanced model that can take a lot of weight and endless hours of training. Of course, all this comes at a premium.

At a Glance

  • Brand: Life Fitness
  • Finish: Dark Walnut
  • Maximum user weight: 400 lbs (181 kg)
  • Step-up height: 10.5” (27 cm)
  • Unit static length: 50.5” (128 cm)
  • Product dimensions: 134 x 81 x 164.5 cm
  • Unit weight: 351lbs (159 kg)
  • Resistance levels: 20
  • Fixed Stride length: 22″ (56 cm)
  • Display: 7″ LCD colour touch screen
  • Workouts: 10 featuring LFA custom workout uploads
  • Meters: Level, Time, Speed (mph, km/h, rpm), Pace, Distance, Heart Rate, Target Heart Rate, Calories, METs
  • Side-Drive™ System with Split Link Design
  • QuickGrip™ Handles
  • RangePedal™ Design
  • Reversed Rollers
  • Side Platforms
  • Resistance Band Attachment Points
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • LFconnect app, Bluetooth® proximity, NFC
  • Special features:
    Past history workout data
    Wireless connection
    LFconnect Protect proactive monitoring
    Smart device entertainment rack

Design & Features

Let us start with FS4’s innovating (and unusual) design, which was designed to accommodate really heavy and hefty athletes, weighing as much as 400 lbs. If you are tall and hefty, you probably won’t find anything more suitable than this for your calibre.

Its reversed rollers protect the pedals and reduce wear and noise, while the side platforms, designed to as foot placement, are ideal for upper-body workouts.

The Side-Drive system affords a smooth, natural motion, which minimises the strain on your joints, especially when used with the ergonomic handles. Also, notice the attachment points enable the use of resistance bands and allow you to combine cardio with strength training.

Customisation is great too. With 20 resistance levels, 10 featuring LFA custom workout uploads, and an easy to use LCD colour touch screen, displaying in real-time your pace, speed, heart rate (and heart rate), calories and METs, you can make the most of the Bluetooth and NFC connection and discover new workout uploads. Heart rate is monitored through sensors on the moving QuickGrip handles and telemetry, through a wireless strap.


  • Prime construction quality
  • Probably the most stable home cross trainer available
  • Smart technology
  • Easy customisation
  • Ideal for professional athletes


  • A bit bulky, it requires a lot of space

Our Opinion

Undeniably among the best cross trainers of the market, it is a perfect choice for people of more than average size and weight that take their training seriously. Pricey, but not unreasonably so.


Best Cross-trainer in the UK

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Closing our list, the king of kings. Maxxus CX 90 Pro is the best home cross trainer in the market – and comes at a matching price.

At a Glance

  • Brand: Maxxus
  • Flywheel mass: 32 kg
  • Overall weight: 139 kg
  • Dimensions: 213 x 77 x 190 cm
  • Stride Length: 50 Cm
  • Maximum User Weight: 150 Kg
  • Power Generator for Flexible Use Without Electricity
  • Resistance Levels: 20
  • Incline Levels: 15
  • Rear-Wheel Drive
  • LED Displays
  • In-Built Receiver for Transmitter in Optional Heart Rate Belt
  • Hand Pulse Rate Sensors
  • Quick Start
  • Manual Programs
  • 12 fixed Training Profiles
  • 1 Free Memory Slot
  • 4 Heart Rate Programs
  • Recovery Function
  • BMI calculation

Design & Features

The first thing we should mention about this design wonder is the power generator: it produces power while you use it, which means it is fully operational even when installed in places without power supply!

Weighing 139 kg (almost 307 lbs), it can easily handle the vibrations and movements of a person up to 330 lbs, thanks to its robust structure and modular design. Nothing was left to chance, from the rails and rollers to the servomotors, everything is carefully designed to handle great burdens and violent movement while helping the user retain a healthy posture and thus minimise the strain on the lower limb joints. Indeed, the motion is much alike natural running, allowing you to enjoy your workout without feeling locked in an uncomfortable position.

Naturally, you have plenty of features that allow you to customise the incline and resistance and tailor the machine to your personal training needs. The dedicated motor provides no less than 15 different inclines and no less than 20 resistance levels, 12 fixed training profiles and 4 HRC programs, that adjust the resistance based on the heart pulse rate range you have specified.

The LCD display is large and provides all the information in a clear-cut way (time, calorie consumption, distance, total distance, speed, wheel revolutions per minute, Watt and heart rate), allowing you to check the data that interest you with a mere gander.

Note that the cockpit is equipped with in-built POLAR® compatible receiver – a great tool for professional athletes who need the most accurate data possible to customise their workout. Combined with the encoded transmitter chest belt (which is optional), it gets as precise as it could possible get.


  • Probably the best home cross trainer available
  • Equipped with a power generator
  • Amazing construction quality
  • Smart technology, numerous programs
  • Customisation features
  • Ideal for professional athletes


  • The price is reasonable for this quality, but still high for a home cross trainer

Our Opinion

Hands down the best home cross trainer money can buy these days. Pricey, but every single penny is more than justified.

Home Cross Trainer Buying Guide

Cross trainers – also known as elliptical trainers – have been popular for home workouts for several decades now, so every gym gear manufacturer has launched several models, and most of them are pretty efficient. Still, for the money you give, you should get the best model possible.

This concise buying guide will provide you with some useful information.

First, let us clear out some key terms that you will probably come across while reading a cross trainer description.

Home Cross Trainers – Terms you Need to Know

This is often the term used for the front panel controls.

Extended Motion Technology/ Adjustable Stride Length/ Variable Stride Length

It is a mechanism designed to create long strides in relatively small training machines.

This is the most important and also the heaviest part of a cross trainer. Its weight allows for a smooth and stable workout, so it is very important when you check out a cross trainer and try to assess its construction quality. Still, do remember to evaluate the fly wheel’s weight against the total weight of the machine.

Obviously, the heart monitor displays the user’s pulse rate. Heart monitors come in two types.

First, the hand sensor monitors, which measure the user’s pulse through the hand grips, are pretty easy to use but not very accurate.

Wearable heart monitors, on the other hand, include chest straps and/or watches are very accurate but some people don’t like to wear them during their workouts, or simply forget them.

Before dismissing this feature as useless or secondary, remember that several workout plans have much better results regarding fat burning and weight loss when you switch pace at specific pulse rates or pulse rate ranges.

Some cross trainers take it to another level: using wearable heart monitors, they adjust their resistance to help you keep your pulse rate at the targeted zone.

  • Resistance Control/ Tension

This feature enables you to alter the resistance of the machine while moving the foot-plates and handles backwards and forwards, for workouts tailored to your needs and wants.

Stride length is the maximum distance between the rear of your front foot and the front of your rear foot during your workout. Stride length should be suitable for your age, sex, and stature.

Now that you know a few key terms, let us learn a few things about the different type of cross trainers.

Types of Cross Trainers

Cross trainers come in several different types, based on certain design features. In some cases, a single machine can combine two or even more of these types in its mechanisms.

It is designed to help the user target different muscle groups, like the abs or upper thighs, by changing the incline of the machine.

The incline feature comes in two types: manual and power-assisted or manual. The former requires you to adjust the incline manually before you use the machine, while the latter is easier to adjust through the console even during the workout.

  • Variable Stride Length Cross Trainer

It comes with several stride length settings, thus enabling you to pick the one that best suits your training mode and fitness goals. |The bigger the stride, the more intense the workout.

Variable strides also make it easier for people of different age and stature to use the machine – like the members of a family.

  • Electro-Magnetic Resistance Cross Trainer

This type of cross trainer is designed to afford the user control over the resistance level through an ingenious, durable and very accurate electromagnetic technology.

This one measures resistance in watts, which is great for users that value resistance accuracy – like professional athletes. This feature doesn’t come cheap so, if you don’t have very specific training needs and requirements, you don’t actually need it.

  • Belt Resistance Cross Trainer

A rather common type of cross trainer, it uses a belt and flywheel to manage the resistance levels. Budget-friendly but easier to break, they usually lack durability, so it is not the best choice for professional athletes or ardent amateurs who work out frequently and intensely.

  • Rear Driven Cross Trainer

It has the flywheel at the back of the machine, thus delivering a more elliptical motion. Most users will not see any difference in their workout results because of that. It mostly has to do with personal taste.

  • Front Driven Cross Trainer

This one has a flywheel at the front and a slightly flatter movement.

known for its rather restricted resistance range and its cheap price, the fan elliptical trainer is less reliable and durable, hence not suitable for rigorous training.

Now that you know the basic types of home cross trainers, it is easy to see which of them best meets your needs and set your budget.

Deciding on the Budget

Up to £300

Anything below £300 is strictly for moderate home use for men and women of average weight. Most of them have manual resistance, with short stride lengths, 1-year long warranties and relatively low construction quality. Because of their small stride length, they are not suitable for big families also.

Athletes that plan to work out rigorously should opt for something better.

From £300 to £500

At this price range you find more durable cross trainers, but still mostly for moderate home use. The stride length is longer, allowing for people of different ages and height to use it. Last, you should expect at least a 2-year warranty.

From £500 to £1000

Now, anything more than £500 is considered a superior quality home cross trainer. The array of options is vast, with almost all of the types mentioned above being available in some form.

So, since it is most likely that a cross trainer worth more than £500 will probably be of pretty good quality, use other characteristics and features to narrow down your options and make a good pick.

For example, consider the stride length. It should offer at least a range of 16” – 21“. Stride length is not just about diverse training; it also makes the whole motion much smoother and natural. Another feature is the incline feature, which, as we already mentioned, allows you to focus on different muscle groups each time.

Consider the overall weight of the machine too. Usually, heavier cross trainers are much more reliable and steady during the workouts.

Over £1000

If can afford a cross trainer worth more than a £1000, then you obviously have high expectations and take your training rather seriously. You will get the best features available in the market – and top-notch construction quality.

Verify the Maximum User Weight

The main mechanism of a cross trainer is pretty sophisticated and can be easily damaged when overloaded. So, you need to make sure the machine’s maximum user weigh covers you. Make sure that the MUW of the cross trainer is several lbs over the weight of the heaviest user of the family.

Most good quality cross trainers have an MUW of 20 stones (roughly 130 kg), and as you go up the price range, the MUW gets bigger.

Check the Footprint

If you are pretty heavy or tall, you should also check the footprint. You need something that will afford a stable footing. Anything over 140 X 75 cm would be more than adequate.

Mind the Flywheel Weight

Usually, even in the UK, the flywheel weight is measured in kg. It plays a critical role in certain types of cross trainers, especially regarding the stability of the machine and the smoothness of the whole movement.

When you check the weight of the flywheel, always compare it with the overall weight of the machine. the flywheel is the heaviest part of the cross trainer. If it seems too low compared to the total weight, then better pick another model.

Resistance Levels

Generally speaking, the more resistance levels you get, the better. Still, in several models, the great number of resistance levels can actually be pick bait. Some models with fewer levels offer better or superior resistance. So, never use the actual number of resistance levels as a quality indicator by itself.

Regarding Warranties

Having the right to return the cross trainer after assembling it is a plus and an indicator that you are dealing with a reliable manufacturer. Also, you need to make sure that the warranty covers in-home repairs labour except for parts.

Sometimes the warranty is provided by the retailer instead of the manufacturer. This is not a problem, but you need to know beforehand who provides the warranty in order to check their reliability.


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