10 Amazing TV Hacks You Probably Ignore


Are you sure you make the most of your smart TV? Well, see whether you have heard again of these amazing Smart TV hacks.Smart TV Tips

It is true that Smart TVs have changed everything in the TV market. At present, there is hardly a person that cannot master the basics of a Smart TV set, especially when it comes to enjoying a favourite show or something like it.

Nonetheless, there’s truly a wide range of amazing features on most Smart TVs that many have never heard of, and you are probably among them.

Still, there is no reason to keep missing things out. Take a look below and you will discover 10 amazing ways to get the most of your new (or old) Smart TV!

  1. Gaming Hack – Turning the Chromecast into a Console

Yes, it is true: Google Chromecast can do much more than just streaming video content. True, it does not allow you to play the most advanced games, but you can have fun with several fun mobile games!

The only thing you have to do is to download a game you wish to play onto your mobile device and synchronise it then to your Smart TV, using your mobile phone as a controller. So, no need for a fancy console!

  1. Live Streaming Hack: Keep Up with the Latest Developments

This is another great Smart TV hack: you can live stream videos via your smart TV. Surely you know that your Smart TV enables you to enjoy all your favourite films and shows through different streaming services. Did you know, however, that can also enjoy live feeds?

Yes! You can easily keep up with the news with live streams on YouTube and enjoy live Facebook videos on your Smart TV.

  1. Full Control Hack: Remotes are Over

Remotes are obsolete and this is why: if you have a Smart TV, you don’t actually need one.

There are several smart TV apps that enable you to use your mobile device as a remote and thus have full control of the program you are watching.

  1. Audio Hack: Controlling the Audio

Maybe you are a late-night watcher of shows and films but resent waking up the whole family or your spouse with the noise, the dialogue or… the explosions.

Just use your mobile device to control the audio from the comfort of your couch or bed, while streaming video through the TV.

There are several apps that allow you to do that connecting with several Smart TVs and plug-ins. Some of them are available both for iOS and Android devices, allowing you to route the audio to a mobile device just with the push of a button.

This way, everyone will enjoy their sleep while you enjoy your action movie.

  1. Filters Hack – Netflix at its Best

One more amazing Smart TV hack has to do with Netflix – namely how to boost and ensure the best viewing via the Smart TV.

If you have already decided on the series, shows and films you wish to watch, but haven’t figured out a way to limit the options offered on Netflix, all you have to do is use the Upflix app, which is available both on iOS and Android.

Upflix allows you to filter through all shows and films by choosing certain actors and directors, rather than mere genres.

  1. Cleaning Hack: How to Clean your Screen for Apps

Maybe you have noticed that the Apple TV home screen is a bit… chaotic? Well, the good news is that you can hide several or even most of the apps!

Just select “Settings,” pick the apps you wish to remain on your screen and you are done.

In addition, you can set the arrangement of the apps. It is very easy: select an app icon and keep pressing the centre button until the icons start shaking. Next, hold and drag to change the position of the icons. Nice, eh?

  1. “Settings Check” Hack

Yes, it is true: although your Smart TV is HD ready, that does not mean that it is configured to stream HD immediately after installation and setup. Hence, it is important to devote some time to check the display settings. There, see whether the display is set for the proper TV size.

It will only take a minute but it is of the essence if you want to get the most out of your Smart TV.

  1. Film Library Hack

If you have compiles a wide selection of Blu-ray films with rights to their digital version too, here is one nice trick for you: upload them to an iCloud account and enjoy them whenever you want via the Apple TV.

Each disk has certain instructions on uploading the film onto an iTunes account. Just stick to them but remember to cancel the transfer before it is concluded! This way the film will appear as “purchased” on the Apple TV movie app. Hence, piece by piece you will create your own customised film library. If the Blu-rays do not come with rights to the digital version, it will be illegal to upload them to an iCloud account.

  1. Another Control Hack – With an Xbox One or PS5 controller This Time

Now, this is a great hack for control freaks or people that just hate remotes.

Certain Smart TVs support the use of Xbox and PS4 controllers. True, it does not apply everywhere, but it is pretty standard in many Android TV sets. Check the specifications of your own to verify it.

It is easy: go to “Settings,” click on “Add Accessory” and the TV will start scanning for supported Bluetooth accessories. If your Xbox and PS4 controllers pop up, select them – and you are ready.

  1. Finding the Right Streaming Service

It is pretty irritating when you cannot find a show you love on your preferred streaming service, that’s for sure. But there is something you can do about it.

Google Chromecast allows you to type the name of the show into the Google Home app and see which streaming apps host it! Then, just pick one and enjoy your show!


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